May offers be with you!

05 May 2015

Two days – not that much time, but consider – what can you do in two days in Praia? Lots of things! Especially while great offers are on!

Starter talent set discount!

These sets offer the necessary talents for any hero.

  • Champion Set contains 10 purple talents. Set price – 199 69 gold.
  • Hero Set contains 8 blue and 2 purple talents. Set price – 49 19 gold.

These prices are valid until 04:00 UTC on May 7.

More talents!

Until 04:00 UTC on May 7, receive 10 additional talents for the first win of the day in Borderlands!

More resources!

4 times the resource production in castles with Golden Age! Only until 04:00 UTC on May 7!

Please note: don’t forget to restart the game for the changes to take effect.

Onwards to victories!