Big Hunt and Reforge discount!

25 April 2015

Dear nobles!

Praia is in bloom bustling with new power and fully embraces Spring. Together with her we celebrate each new day that brings us more surprises and breath-taking adventures! Some wondrous things seem to be happening today as well: reforging suddenly takes less crystals and heroes receive orange talents for quests. Isn’t that wonderful?

Reforge cheaper!

Only until 09:00 UTC on April 27, reforge crystals at 60% discount! Don’t postpone things that you can save on today!

Calling all Monster Hunters!

Complete quests and receive exclusive talents!

The strength of our armies lies in every hero's understanding of their role – some clear the forests of monsters, preventing them from destroying crops and harassing folk. Others guard our arsenals and towers day and night, killing enemies and healing allies. We value all the roles, and today we declare a big Hunt – earn rewards with “jungling”!

Heroic Spring in Prime World!