Adrea's Jubilation

17 April 2015

…Adrea did not lie. Fire Spark indeed absorbed the Prime. It absorbed it, glowing ever brighter within the Prime crystal. The fiery spark within the blue crystal shone with a blinding light on the neck of the former councilor. The girl smiled wildly and… disappeared in a fiery flash. All that remained was a short note of only 3 words: “Prepare! Embarking soon” No one knew when Adrea would return. But this time she actually fulfilled her promise.

Dear nobles!

Our mission is completed, the Prime is gathered. Now it’s time to prepare the expedition to the Temple of the Old Gods!

Special bonuses

The artefact affected everyone. Primologists have noted a never-before-seen prime activity and prognosticate following effects.

From April 17 until 09:00 UTC on April 22:

  • every hero receives 4 times the experience in Borderlands!
  • Golden Age brings not double, but 4 times the amount resources and silver in the castle!
  • 40 talents for the first win of the day!

Winners and prizes

Adrea did not forget Praia’s finest warriors who have shown extraordinary feats!

Players with the most kills during the mobilization are:

  • 637 — STAFF1K;
  • 489 — -Fade-;
  • 424 — Maoud.

Players with the most assists are:

  • 608 — Yzera;
  • 595 — OSMANGAZl;
  • 543 — Slimjimm.

Adrea also rewards those who vanquished the most monsters:

  • 2224 — nooby1;
  • 2058 — undefeated001;
  • 1671 — ODB.

The councilor praised every warrior’s valor and provides them with 30 days of Golden Age and 50 Prime crystals.


We're very glad that you actively participated in the mobilization and will analyze your feedback to make the next event even better!

Thank you all for participation!