Patch 10.2.1 installed

14 April 2015

Dear nobles!

Maintenance is over, the servers are open and ready for battle! Before you return to Praia, however, we recommend you take a look at what changed in patch 10.2.1.

Take note that we have decided to return to the original name of our game — Prime World. This name is better recognizable and familiar for our players.


  • Updates are now downloaded and applied right after launcher start. User authentication is no longer required to update the game.
  • Improved interface for login method selection window

Golden Age

  • Talent Forge / Garden no longer produces special (green) talents when Golden Age is active – instead players receive rare (blue) talents.
  • Players will now see estimates of how many talents of a given rarity the Talent Forge / Garden would produce on average.

Buying Prime Crystals

  • Players can now directly purchase prime crystals for gold. To do that, you have to click their icon in the resource panel. Please note that the prime crystal price did not change and is 2 gold per crystal.

Errors fixed

Pre-match lobby

  • Error fixed, which sometimes allowed players to choose two of identical heroes in the pre-match lobby.
  • Error fixed, which sometimes allowed to enter battle with an incomplete talent set.


  • Error fixed, which sometimes allowed clan bonuses for active players to be accidentally purchased a second time.
  • Error fixed, which led to some clans’ rating and clan shop not being updated.


  • Error fixed, which prevented some players from gathering prime crystals in the Prime Distiller / Pearl Farm 10 minutes after logging into the castle.
  • Error fixed, which sometimes prevented a building upgrade.
  • Error fixed, which lead to production buildings animations not working.
  • Error fixed, which sometimes lead to production buildings taken from storage having full resources ready for gathering.


  • Estimated/average battle search time display improved. The difference will be mostly visible to players with the “deserter” status, who will now see a more precise estimate of the average search time.
  • Error fixed, which in some cases lead to incorrect rating calculations for teams consisting of more than one group.
  • Error fixed, which sometimes prevented the building storage tab from opening.
  • Error fixed, which sometimes prevented the highlighting of the upgrade button during the “Production preparations” quest.
  • Error fixed, which in some cases lead to unnecessarily long battle search times.