Creative Prime World contest winners!

13 April 2015

Dear nobles! Today we once again have the pleasure to announce the winners of our contests — as you remember, you had the opportunity to try your hand at writing haikus about Prime World and show us, how you decorate your castle.

Haiku contest winners

You have been quite creative and we gladly read all your submissions. Despite the fact that the details of execution and haiku’s definition became the subject of debate, we have considered all entries and chosen some we liked best – although we would have preferred to just quote you all here!

The chosen ones are:

I'm mid-lane alone
a tongue from the fog of war
a gentle embrace

Solo mid Blizzard
I don't ever need a ward
What could that blur be

I am just farming
I put a ward just in case
Oh is it a face

Staying in my lane
Waiting at tower on bard
Nox tunnels my face

The native terrain
heroes stats rise to the max
flag decide the fate
(Vierna Auvryndar)

Touch of scarlet rose
as vampire blink towards you
questing after blood
(Apustar Captain)

One hour of gaming
Three quiters and one zuma
And I am still here

“Decorated Castle” contest winners

The castle is not simply a place to farm resources and crystals. Apart from the mercantile economy, it is the home for each Lord and Lady. The more comfortable and beautiful the home is, the more pleasant it is to return there after battle. All of your castles show beautiful decorations and present wonderful homes for your heroes – we’re certain it is a pleasure to return to such castles after every battle!

Meet the winners! (Click a picture to zoom)