Mobilization: Fire Spark

09 April 2015

She stepped from the Fog and it parted before her. Like gusts of wind, an unseen force shifted the turquoise haze away from Adrea. Radiating pride and confidence, she appeared from the abandoned royal highway, unused since the Second Cataclysm. The guards — trained soldiers and two heroes — didn’t dare stop the one who parted the Fog and led her straight into the throne room.

A prime crystal resting on Adrea’s chest drew everyone’s attention. Not only the fact that the most beautiful yet the most dangerous substance rested against her bare skin — the crystal itself was quite unusual. Within, instead of the familiar deep turquoise colour of the precious substance, danced fiery ruby sparks.

The emperor’s former councillor held the origin of the mysterious artifact secret. She only mentioned that it was found next to the place where the monarch passed away. Its effect, however, was astonishing. The “Fire Spark” — for that is what Ferraut’s councillor called the artifact — could disperse the Fog. As any other such object, the Spark had its conditions for activation: it needed Prime in its pure form that the Spark would absorb.

Adrea still dreamt of the Temple of the Old Gods, yet she couldn’t reach it alone. Once again she came to ask for our help. This time she needs not an army — but Prime. Pure Prime in colossal amounts!

What do we have to do?

Dear nobles, Lords and Ladies. Adrea calls for your assistance. She is willing to share the gifts to be found in the Temple of the Old Gods, but you will have to do your part.

  • First, for a payment in silver coins, you’ll have to hire mercenaries to stay behind and guard your castle while you are away to fulfill the rest of the tasks. After that, the Prime hunt starts.
  • Next, log into the game every day, fight in Borderlands and gather precious Prime. We have a week to gather 30 billion Prime overall. Daily quests that will appear in the castle will help you reach the common goal.
  • Be advised, new quests will appear as soon as the previous is completed (sometimes a restart might be necessary), and their difficulty will vary. A total of 23 quests to gather prime awaits you. Completing the 20th task will earn you white runes and some prime crystals. The 22nd and 23rd tasks will be rewarded with orange talents!
  • If we manage to gather 30 billion Prime overall, we can start active preparations for a march to the Temple of Old Gods — which will mean 4 times more experience in battle, 4 times the resource yield in castles with Golden Age and 40 additional talents for the first win of the day.
  • Even if you don’t complete some quest from the chain, your contribution to the general cause will be counted. We will post regular updates on Facebook and in the Forums on the amount of Prime gathered and how much remains.
  • At the same time, Adrea is willing to reward the best fighters of Borderlands. 3 players who make the most kills in Borderlands from 15:00 UTC on April 10 until 20:59 on April 16, will receive additional prizes. Players with the most assists during the same timeframe will also be rewarded! Each of them will receive 5 days of Golden Age and 50 prime crystals!
  • All quests start at 15:00 UTC on April 10.

Onwards, for Prime and victories! Adrea puts her trust in you!