Great news for real heroes!

08 April 2015

Dear nobles!

You never know what a new day might bring! Where will the monsters strike next, will the trader caravans make it safely to the castle, how bad will the spring floods be? New concerns, old unresolved troubles – sometimes it just gets too much. But we have good news to brighten your day!

No greens and 3 talents for 1 prime crystal!

Primologists are once again reporting a Prime anomaly in the Talent Forge / Garden. It only produces orange, purple and blue talents! Additionally, the Gardens and Forges will produce 3 talents per crystal spent. According to the Primologists’ estimates, the anomaly will last until 09:00 UTC on April 10.

Hero Sale!

A number of heroes came to your castle to offer you their service – for a lower price. Until 09:00 UTC on April 10, following heroes can be hired at a discount in gold:

Pied Piper / Rat Master
54 gold
Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly
59 gold
Night Queen / Black Panther
59 gold
Fay / Fairy Queen
69 gold
Bard / Muse
74 gold
84 gold
Faceless / Phantom
129 gold
Soul Reaper / Soul Catcher
159 gold
Woodsman / Witch Doctor
199 gold

Log in every day to receive gifts

Tomorrow, on April 9, we start a new chain of daily quests with a single condition. Log into the game every day for a week and receive a random talent every day. On the last day you are guaranteed to receive an exclusive (orange) talent. Remember, you can’t skip days: if you miss one quest in the chain, you will not be able to continue. The first quest will appear tomorrow, on April 9, the last one – a week later, on April 16.

Don’t forget to restart the game for the changes to take effect.

Onwards, to victories!