Contest “Decorated Castle”!

31 March 2015

Dear nobles!

After the recent patch you now have an abundance of free space in your Castle. Every player uses that space at their discretion: some move the houses every day so it doesn’t get boring, some like the empty space and keep the buildings huddled up in the corner. Then again, some players beautify their castle with decorations. If you count yourself among the latter, then this news is for you!

Do you want to show off your new beautiful Castle? Great! Then participate in the contest “Decorated Castle”! The task is quite simple: each participant decorates their castle as they like, then shares a screenshot of it in a special thread on our forums or on our Facebook page.

The contest starts on March 31 and lasts until April 7.


  • Two screenshots will be made: one with the castle interface, another one without. The second screenshot might be needed to resolve disputes – you do not need to publish it, but please prepare it and keep it handy. To hide the castle interface, press Ctrl+F12.
  • Using any kind of image processing is prohibited. The screenshots have to be presented in an unaltered state.
  • One participant can send in an unlimited number of entries, but only one of them may win.
  • This is not a video contest. Video-entries will not be considered.
  • Screenshots may not contain offensive words or symbols or otherwise bear provocative character. Such screenshots will be removed and the authors excluded from the contest.
  • Your in-game name has to be mention in the description / comments to the screenshot.
  • By participating in this contest, you agree to Nival using your submitted screenshots for own purposes.


Upon conclusion of the contest we will choose the Castles we like most. Each winner will receive 5 days of Golden Age and 15 levels of building upgrades. These levels can be spent to upgrade following buildings:

  • Tavern / Teahouse
  • Mine / Sap Tree
  • Sawmill / Spinnery
  • Manufactory / Weaving Shop
  • Library
  • Warehouse
  • Inn / Spa

In case the levels are distributed on production buildings, any resources possibly lost during the upgrade process will be compensated.

Time to shine!