Fog front weekend

27 March 2015

...Primologists note increased activity of the Fog, traversing it has become even more dangerous and monster attacks more frequent. The Council of the Lords decrees to increase defensive measures to defend against the menace. This is not all, however – the Fog seems to influence all of Prime somehow, which has an effect on our Forges and Gardens. Suddenly, the prime crystals there do not yield green talents anymore.

Until 09:00 UTC on March 30:

More experience!

All heroes receive double experience for battles in Borderlands!

No green talents!

The Talent Forge / Garden does not produce green talents, also the chance to produce purple and orange talents is doubled!
Please note: for these changes to take effect the game needs to be restarted.


New quests!

Weekend quest chain “Fog front” – fight in Borderlands to earn crystals as well as orange and clan talents!

The quests start at 13:00 UTC on March 27 and end at 23:59 UTC on March 29. All four quests can be completed consequently without awaiting the next day.

Also, don’t forget the Golden Age bonus rewards offer – receive 5 additional talents for each teammate with Golden Age for a victory in Borderlands!

Have a nice weekend and watch out for the Fog!