Patch 10.2 has been installed

18 March 2015

New approach to buildings

The castle is an important element of the game and one of the sources of valuable resources. In this patch we have completely overhauled existing production mechanics – to make the castle more comfortable and easy-to-use. Thanks to the changes, repetitive actions for resource gathering will no longer be necessary and the amount of free space in the castle will increase noticeably.

There can now only be one building of each type in the castle, both on the scene and in storage. Decorations are an exception. In regard to this change, we recalculated the production increase with building level in such a way that one building can satisfy the resource demand of a Lord. With this, the maximum level of all buildings increased noticeably and the productivity of fully upgraded buildings is higher than before. E.g. a fully upgraded Prime Distiller / Pearl Farm can now produce 18 crystals in 23 hours, as opposed to 15 – the previous maximum. The building level caps are:

  • Prime Distiller / Pearl Farm — 120;
  • Manufactory / Weaving Shop — 40;
  • Manor / Mansion — 180;
  • Library, Farm and other production buildings — 180;
  • Warehouse — 120.

Please note that Inn / Spa, Talent Forge / Garden, Pet houses, Tavern / Teahouse and Hero buildings remain unchanged.

New production mechanics

No need to wait for a cycle to finish anymore, since now you can gather resources that the building has produced at almost any moment. Production cycles have been abolished – instead, a building is automatically producing resources constantly. The production mechanics are as follows:

  • Production (re-)starts automatically as soon as the resources are gathered.
  • Resource production no longer costs silver — it’s free.
  • Buildings acquire a new characteristic — capacity, i.e. an internal storage that fills up over the period of a full production cycle. For most buildings, that period is 23 hours. You can check the capacity of any building in its interface that opens upon clicking on the building.
  • Produced resources can be gathered at almost any time by left- or right-clicking on the building. Only exception is right after production (re-)start — after the production has (re-)started, new yields can only be gathered in 10 minutes. Clicking on the building during that time will bring up the building’s interface.
  • If the warehouse is full, gathering resources no longer causes them to be lost — they will iinstead remain in the building. Thanks to this change you no longer have to check your warehouse every time you gather a resource in order to not lose any.

Prime Distiller / Pearl Farm

  • Unlike other production buildings, the Prime Distiller / Pearl Farm fills its internal storage over 46 hours.
  • Crystal production yield can be increased 2-fold for a certain period by investing a certain amount of ore / sap in the building’s interface. In this case the building’s capacity will be reached in 23 hours.
  • At maximum level, this building produces 18 crystals until it reaches its capacity.

Population Buildings

Instead of 4 types of population buildings there is now only one — Manor / Mansion. The population increase per level of the Manor / Mansion is now noticeably higher. The population building now no longer produces silver, since it is not needed for resource production anymore. Meanwhile, Manufactory / Weaving Shop now produces more silver than before.

Effect of Golden Age on production

Golden Age doubles production same as before the patch. Building capacity now increases accordingly. If Golden Age expires while a building’s capacity is reached, the resources will not disappear and can be gathered in full. Additionally, Golden Age now affects running production as well — as soon as Golden Age starts, the building’s capacity increases and the production doubles.

Migration to the new system

During installation of the patch, one building of each type has been identified in the castle that has the highest level — that building will remain in the castle. All resources spent on building and upgrading other buildings of the same type have been invested towards upgrading the one remaining building in order to preserve overall castle economy. This procedure encompassed all buildings, including those in storage — it makes sense to check there if you’re missing any buildings in you castle, they might be there.

At the beginning of maintenance to install patch 10.2, all production cycles have been finished — their yield can be gathered form the one remaining building of the corresponding type. Prime Distiller / Pearl Farm production cycles have been cancelled and the resources spent returned to the warehouse.

Buying resources with gold

Due to changes in production mechanics and abolition of production cycles it is no longer possible to speed up production for gold. However, now players have the option to buy the necessary resources, silver or crystals for gold, in case they do not have enough to complete an operation like upgrading a building of crafting talents. In such a case, the button for the operation or the price are coloured yellow and clicking it will open a window showing which resource is insufficient and the price in gold to complete the operation.

Please note that the price of resources no longer depends on castle or building development level. One price exists for all players:

  • 1 crystal — 2 gold
  • 1000 resource — 1 gold
  • 700 silver — 1 gold
    Please note that the silver purchase system does not apply to hiring heroes — for this you will have to save up the full sum in silver.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour punishment system

In order to improve the game experience and motivate players to fight fairly instead of abandoning their team, in the new version we make a difference between dodging from the pre-match lobby and fleeing from battle. Thus, players who dodge from the lobby will not be able to search for battle for some time, same as before. A new indicator has been implemented: below the button “To Battle!” a window with a flag and a timer is displayed, showing when a battle search can be started again.

Additionally, a new status is introduced for unsportsmanlike players — “Deserter”, — which will, for now, be assigned to players leaving battles without returning to them, regardless of reasons for the leave.

Of course, there can be different reasons to leave a battle: urgent matters, internet connection problems or power outage. Unfortunately, many players simulate such situations in order to justify their actions by external circumstances. Which is why we will not make a difference between different types of flight from battle. Nonetheless, a single case of disconnection without returning to battle will not count as desertion.

The only way to get rid of this status is to play battles to completion in Borderlands with other players.

If a group contains a deserter, it will be matched according to rules applicable to deserters. The leader will not be able to start battle search in game modes other than Borderlands and Challenges and in the group interface in the castle a special deserter insignia will be displayed instead of rank for deserters.

Following limitations are put in place for deserters:

  • Available game modes are limited to Borderlands and Challenges;
  • Battle reward is reduced significantly;
  • Battle search will match deserters in a team with other deserters;
  • Matchmaking time will increase accordingly.

Deserter status is displayed on the upper right border of the screen — where you normally see the Offers and Golden Rune icons.

In combination with the system against desertion, we will also take more severe measures against other unsportsmanlike behaviour like intentionally letting the opposing team kill one’s hero (“feeding”) or staying in the base without participating in battle (“AFK”).

Simplified grouping up

Grouping up after a battle
In the new version, continuing to play with teammates you liked becomes easier — in the final statistics window after a battle there will be an option to join all allied players into a group. All players who accept this option will find themselves in the castle in the new group. Group leadership will be assigned either to the player who first accepted the prompt, or to the leader of the bigger group from those joined together.

"Recent allies" tab in the castle

  • A new tab appears in the castle on the Friends panel — “Recent allies”, — where allies from the recent matches are displayed, excluding those already on the Friends or Ignore list. The tab displays up to 20 players. This allows for inviting recent allies to play together without first adding them as friend.

Battle search

  • When a battle is found, the side that a team will fight on depends on what Faction is represented by the majority of players. So if one team has 3 Adorn players, while the other has 2, then the first will be on the Adornian side, and the other on the Dokt side. It’s important to note that the Faction of a group is determined by the faction of its leader.
  • In the new version, players belonging to different factions can be matched into one team randomly, as opposed to needing to group up beforehand. The matching algorithm will still try to match players of one faction together in a team.


Improved visibility of own hero in battle

For players to better recognize their hero on the battlefield in a glance, we decided to set them apart visually

  • The Health bar of the player’s own hero is now coloured yellow.
  • The hero’s portrait on the minimap is highlighted by a yellow frame.
  • The highlight under the hero controlled by the player now also takes a yellow hue.

Counting the votes to surrender

To allow players who left the battle for any reason to return, the mechanism of counting the votes to surrender has changed:

  • Players who purposefully left the battle and refused to return automatically cast a positive vote.
  • Players who left the battle but did not refuse to return, automatically cast a negative vote if the left less than 3 minutes ago. Otherwise, they also automatically cast a positive vote to end the battle.

Battle chat

  • In the new version, you can now turn off text messages in battle session chat, excluding system and smart-chat messages. This shall prevent players getting distracted by messages unrelated to battle. To deactivate text messages in battle chat, open the main menu in the castle, go to “Settings” and untick the option “Messages in battle chat from other players”.
  • Error fixed, which led to empty lines appearing in battle chat if a long message was sent before that. Additionally, a character limit is introduced for battle chat messages — they now cannot be longer than 512 characters.
  • Error fixed, which led to incorrect characters appearing in the chat input line when the Tab key was pressed.
  • Error fixed, which allowed a “phrase cloud” to be shown over a dead hero when they sent smart-chat messages.

Negative attribute modifiers

  • Earlier any hero attribute could take on a negative value, which led to errors in damage and penetration calculation. In the new version, during battle the hero attributes cannot be lowered below a zero value by any modifiers. This change does not include Health and Energy regeneration — these two attributes can still become negative.

Other changes in battle

  • Control effects no longer apply to lanterns.
  • Error fixed, which in some cases allowed for a player to be disconnected due to inactivity while the battle was yet loading.
  • Error fixed, which in some cases allowed an invisible hero’s steps to be heard.


Healer / Priestess

The hero has been buffed due to insufficient effectivity compared to other support heroes.

  • Base speed increased from 50 to 52.
“Healing” talent:
  • Talent range increased by 14%
  • When healing another target, the amount of Health restored to Healer / Priestess is increased by 60%. With the “Healing Sparks” upgrade, this applies to nearby allies as well.
  • The talent now costs 80 Energy instead of 100.
  • Error fixed, which allowed the talent “Healing” with the “Healing Mastery” upgrade to go into full cooldown if the target soldier or summon died before the healing was applied.

“Land’s Blessing” talent:

  • Now has unlimited range — the talent can be applied to any ally regardless of distance.

“Armor of Grace” talent:

  • Attribute bonus effect now applies to all allies next to the target and healed by “Healing”, “Healing Sparks” or “Triumph of Life” with 100% probability.
“Triumph of Life” talent:
  • Heals 2 nearby allies apart from the hero herself, instead of only the Healer / Priestess, as before. Upon learning the “Total Triumph” upgrade, the healing effect is applied to another 2 additional targets. Thus the hero can support her team as soon as she learns the talent.

Defender / Guardian

"Angelic Light" talent:
  • Damage dealt to enemies by the beam is decreased by 16%, while the amount of health restored to allies remains the same.
  • “Test of Faith” upgrade now available on Tier III instead of II.
  • Talent learning cost increased to 440 Prime due to Tier change.
“Angel’s Flight” talent:
  • Due to the increase in casting time of all teleports, the hero had an unfair advantage by much faster and more flexible movement with Angel’s Flight. For this reason, the talent’s casting time has increased from 2 to 4 seconds.
“Spear of Vengeance” talent:
  • Error fixed, which led to Spear of Vengeance having a lower learning cost compared to other talents on the same tier. The talent learning cost is now 390 prime.
“Keeper of Life” talent:
  • Talent now available on Tier II instead of III as before.
  • Talent learning cost lowered to 390 prime according to tier change.
“Spirit Beacon” talent:
  • Error fixed, which led to Spirit Beacon, when used on native terrain, to reduce not only the damage dealt by normal attacks on allies, but also the damage dealt by enemy heroes’ talents.

Pied Piper / Rat Master

Due to a high complexity of unfolding the hero’s full potential, his abilities have been changed to provide for a more reliable gameplay.

  • Base speed increased from 50 to 52.
“Call of the flute” talent:

Cooldown reduced from 25 to 15 seconds.

“Charming Melody” talent:
  • The hero cannot move 0.3 seconds after activating the talent in order to prevent accidentally interrupting the casting of Charming Melody.
  • When casting Charming Melody, the hero is immune to control effects, so that the casting can only be interrupted by talents with the interruption property, such as “Take that!” of Frog Whisperer / Swamp King or “Piercing Spear” of Jaeger / Wolf Dancer.
  • Soldiers and monsters immediately enter the hero’s control, without stunning as before.

Highlander / Immortal

Due to a strong Stamina bonus from the “Bloody Massacre” talent, as well as a substantial increase in Speed as long as “Immortal Spirit” is active, the hero’s survivability was higher than intended. For this reason, we changed these talents.

“Bloody Massacre” talent:
  • The upgrade “Blood Rage” now increases Stamina for each 10% of Health missing. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
“Immortal Spirit” talent:
  • The hero no longer has increased Speed while in spirit form.


Freeze could use control abilities very often, which made him too efficient for his role, which is why we reworked some of his class talents.

“Frigid Onslaught” talent:
  • Cooldown increased from 12 to 15 seconds.
  • Now, same as for the “Reckless Dash” of Da’Ka / Ha’Ka, the distance of the dash with “Frigid Onslaught” is displayed with respect to obstacles in its way. This should prevent cases of talent activation when the full dash as displayed upon activation is cut short because the hero ran into a tree.
“Ring of Needles” talent:
  • Immobilization time of the hero under the effects of this talent is reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
“Ice Fist” talent:
  • Cooldown increased from 70 to 120 seconds
  • Area of effect reduced by 12.5%

Night Queen / Black Panther

  • Talents, potions and scrolls that restore Health now first restore the Health of the hero’s beast. If the healing amount is higher that the beast’s missing Health, then the Healing over the beasts Health will apply to the hero.
  • The beast no longer has an Energy pool and its own abilities no longer consume Energy.
  • Error fixed, which led to soldiers not attacking a hero who attacked Night Queen’s / Black Panther’s beast.
  • Before, the talent “Chance’s Edge” was activated by damage dealt to the hero, regardless of the fact that it is halved between her and the beast, which led to low effectiveness of the talent. Now, if the beast is alive, “Chance’s Edge” will only activate if it receives damage exceeding 15% of its current Health.
  • All talents with accumulating properties from the "Awakening" set now work correctly for Night Queen / Black Panther.

Fay / Fairy Queen

  • Before, immediately after using “Fusion” the same key could be pressed (by accident), leading to the effect being inadvertently ended. Now, after activating “Fusion” it cannot be terminated for 1 second.

Mage / Sorcerer

  • The hero’s talents now no longer go on cooldown if during casting the target became immune to damage for any reason.

Woodsman / Witch Doctor

  • When placing a Wicked Tree, its capture area is now displayed.

Blade Master / Sesha

  • Error fixed, which led to Freeze’s “Ring of Needles” not having a reduced control time on Blade Master / Sesha, regardless of learned “Snake’s Flexibility” with the “Battle Trance” upgrade.


  • Error fixed, which led to the talent “Power of Alchemy” in some occasions not going on cooldown after being used on a target while it was knocked into the air.


  • Now in battle, for talents that deal damage depending on varying circumstances, the tooltip displayed on mouse-over in the talent bar will show the actual overall damage that would be dealt if used at that moment. You can see this change e.g. on Lightning Master’s / Storm Thrower’s “Thunderclap” with the “Electrojet” upgrade or Demonologist’s “Strike of the Archons”. The talents’ full description remains unchanged.
  • “Chance’s Edge” now only activates on damage dealt by heroes or creatures under their control, ignoring damage dealt by neutral monsters and enemy soldiers.
  • Error fixed, which prevented the talent “Untamed Fury” (prevents enemy heroes from teleporting) from working in the game modes “Dragonwald” and “Outpost”.
  • Error fixed where the actual area of effect of the “Flowing Fury” talent was bigger than displayed.


Now, during broadcasts from the administration, each player will see a special notification on the right, in the form of an icon with an envelope. Clicking it will open the corresponding chat tab.

  • Error fixed where the pre-match window might have closed if other pop-up windows (e.g. a hero level up) appeared.
  • Minor visual errors of various buildings fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Clan Wars

  • With the overhaul of production mechanics in the castle, clan bonuses for production have been reworked accordingly.
  • When leaving a clan, the player now sees a warning that they will lose Tactical Points and talents taken from the clan bank.
  • Error fixed, which prevented the filters for clan or suzerain rating in the “Search clan” window from working properly.
  • Siege tooltips improved

Clan Map

  • Error fixed where for players in a vassal clan the rating of their suzerain was only updated on the clan map when restarting the castle client.
  • Error fixed where there was no “Go to” option in the dropdown menu of one’s own clan on the suzerain’s map.

Hero Skins

  • Error fixed, which led to the Adornian weapon model being displayed in battle when using the “Thunderclap” talent with the Dokt skin “Lightning Master” after buying it in an Adornian castle.
  • Error fixed, which prevented the hero Healer / Priestess using the skin Medicine Woman from using voice lines when using the talent “Land’s Blessing”.

Game start

  • New players now directly enter the tutorial battle “First Strike” — past the castle, which greatly speeds up first battle entry. A name and faction are then chosen after the first battle.
  • Due to increased amount of starting heroes, for players who have not yet achieved 10 victories, no equal heroes are allowed in a team in Borderlands anymore.
  • Game mode display order in the battle search interface has changed: now Borderlands is chosen by default.
  • Tutorial quests adjusted according to the new production mechanics.
  • Error fixed, which sometimes allowed to go into “First Strike” with an incomplete talent set.

Known issues

During battle, heroes do not speak their lines. In order for the voiceover to function correctly, you'll need to use the check and repair files function in the game launcher. To do so, open the Prime World launcher, wait for all updates to finish, then open the Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the launcher. Then click on "Verify" under "Check and repair game files". After verification, the launcher will download the necessary files.

In case you are having troubles updating your client, you can download the full updated client via bit-torrent.