Spring offers – this weekend is going to be wild!

13 March 2015

Praia has eagerly waited for spring to come, as did we all. And now, together with the snowdrops peeking from under the melting snow, magical things are happening in Praia!

More talents and experience!

From March 13th until 09:00 (here and further UTC) on March 16th:

  • 4 talents instead of 2 per crystal spent at the Talent Garden / Forge.
  • All heroes will receive 3 times more experience* for battles in Borderlands.

*Note: this bonus is multiplied by Golden Age, so that with Premium you receive x6 experience!

Beastly hero sale

From March 13th until 09:00 on March 16th – discount on the following beastly heroes:

Vryl / Nox
499 249 gold, 900 000 599 000 silver
Night Queen / Black Panther
134 69 gold, 135 000 99 000 silver
Pied Piper / Rat Master
110 000 69 000 silver
Marksman / Hunter
85 000 49 000 silver
Blade Master / Sesha
25 000 9 000 silver
Fang / Claw
20 000 9 000 silver

Beastly skin sale

Each of the following skins can be yours for 39 gold:

Amaryllis, Gitana, Fire Maestro, Flame Fox, Dragon Warrior, Firewalker, Vixen, Nāginī, Nāga, Queen of the North, Screw, Cleo, Wild Rider, Master of Tortoises, Mechanic, Tamer, Fire Dancer, Ice Rider, Great Bear, Great Hare, Wook, Grenadier, Chieftain, Chomp, Squink.
Special offer on the sinks Bowmaster and Huntsman9 gold each.


We did not forget about our little castle beasties! Cat and Dog House are just 29 gold each!

Please note: for the changes to take effect, the game needs to be restarted.

Onwards, beastly warriors, to victory!