Upcoming Patch FAQ

12 March 2015


Recently we told you about the biggest changes in the upcoming patch. Right after that announcement, we received many questions regarding the changes. Today we would like to address the most frequent among them.

Q: A castle overhaul is planned. Does that mean new buildings?

A: The new patch certainly contains a castle overhaul, yet we do not plan to introduce new buildings yet. Our goal was to simplify the castle composition, as well as abolish the routine of starting production cycles.

Q: What about the buildings in storage? Will they count for the recalculation?

A: Buildings in storage will be taken into account during recalculation. We would like to reiterate that the calculation will be based on the resources spent on upgrading the buildings, not on their levels.

Q: What to do with all the space?

A: Use decorations! They’ll let you design your castle in a unique way! And you can arrange your buildings any way you like. Let your inner designer run free and have fun!

Q: Will there still be 3 Prime Distillers / Pearl Gardens? What about their production cycles running during the update?

A: All production buildings, including the Prime Distiller / Pearl Farm, will remain with 1 instance each. If a prime crystal production cycle is not finished, it will be cancelled and its resource costs refunded. All other production cycles will finish automatically. No resources will be lost.

Q: How long does the “deserter” status last and how can it be lifted?

A: The “deserter” status will not have a duration. The system will monitor player behavior during battle and instances of battles left. After a certain number of desertions, the player will receive the deserter status. To lose this status, the player will have to prove he/she is reformed, by consistently playing fairly.

Q: How can the players see that a deserter plays with them?

A: The deserter status can only be seen during team formation in castle. In the pre-match lobby as well as in battle, the deserter status will not be displayed. We do not want to attach any labels that might influence the behaviour of players on the battlefield. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Q: What restrictions will be placed on a deserter?

A: Battle rewards will be significantly lowered, only the Borderlands and Challenges game modes will be available. Apart from that, matchmaking will match deserters into teams with other deserters, which will lead to increased battle search times. Meanwhile, amount of rating gained/lost for a battle will stay the same.

Q: Well, now no one will leave and will remain to “feed” instead – what do?

A: Use the report system. A public punishment list is regularly updated on the Russian forum – we might mirror it on the English forum as well. As stated in the announcement, punishments for unsportsmanlike behaviour will become harsher. We’re for fair play.

Q: Can the deserter status be lifted for gold?

A: No, the deserter status cannot be lifted for gold. And no other paid services will help. Only playing fair and completing battles will show that the player is reforming.

Q: I have an unstable Internet connection – does that mean I’m doomed to be a deserter?

A: A single battle left without return won’t make you a deserter. Also, if you leave a battle but return before it completes, it does not count as desertion.

Apart from the changes described in the previous announcement, a number of changes regarding battles await us:

  • Playing with teammates you liked becomes easier – in the final statistics window there will be an option to join all allied players into a group. All players who accept this option will find themselves in the castle in a new group. Group leadership will be assigned either to the player who first accepted the prompt, or to the leader of the bigger group from those joined together. If you decide to cancel the after-battle prompt, you can use the new tab “Recent allies” in the castle to find players whom you have played with recently – excluding those already in your Friends or Ignore list.
  • Interaction during battle will improve as well. The player’s hero’s Health bar will be coloured yellow, the hero portrait on the minimap marked with a yellow frame and the highlight under the controlled hero will take on yellow hues too. The chat can now be deactivated during battle. When chat is deactivated, no text messages from allies or enemies will be displayed. Only system messages and messages sent by hotkeys will remain in the chat.
  • All talents that have a stacking quality that depends on damage taken will now work correctly on the hero Night Queen / Black Panther.
  • Character attributes such as Strength, Intellect, Agility etc. – apart from Health and Energy Regeneration – can no longer attain negative values.
  • For talents that have damage vary depending on certain conditions (e.g. Lightning Master’s “Thunderstrike” damage depending on the number of chain lightnings stacked), the actual damage if used at that moment will be displayed in the tooltip.

As you might have noticed, the upcoming patch brings many changes in both battle and castle mechanics. All these changes required extensive changes in the game code. Additionally, we reworked the patch delivery system, which means that in the future patches will download and install faster and their size will be smaller. In order to implement these changes, however, the update files for the next patch will be over 1 GB of data. In case the game client has not yet been updated to 10.1.2, the download might exceed 1.5 GB of data. We understand that a download of this size might inconvenience some players, yet it is a necessary step to greatly improve future patch delivery.

We plan to install the patch next week.

Stay tuned!