International Women’s Day – Gifts and Bonuses

06 March 2015

Our dear and beautiful Ladies! As fearless warriors in Praia, you still fill our game with beauty and a special peace of mind. Thank you for your smiles, for the tenderness and patience with us – as well as the ferocity and steadfastness when needed. Let us celebrate you on the upcoming International Women’s Day.

Special offers

Unique bonuses in Borderlands!

Only until 09:00 UTC on March 10, the chance to receive orange and purple talents as battle reward in Borderlands is doubled, and the first win of the day will net you 20 additional talents!

Offers in the castle!

Until 09:00 UTC on March 10, no green talents will be produced in the Talent Forge / Garden, and the chance to produce purple and orange talents is doubled! Also, the unique flag “Shoe” for just 1 gold coin.

Hero and Skin sale!

From 09:00 UTC on March 6 until 09:00 UTC on March 10 all heroines and female skins are discounted by 50%!

In-game Quests

From March 6 until March 9 a special quest awaits you in the game – “Warriors of the world – unite!”. For one victory in Borderlands you receive:

  • A unique flag “Flower”
  • 50 000 silver
  • 3 random orange talents

On march 7 a new quest chain starts in Prime World. The quests are not that easy, but the reward is well worth it! Please note: if you do not complete the first quest in the chain, the following will not appear!

March 7 – “We’re offended”


  • 15 prime crystals
  • 2 random orange talents

March 8 (only if completed “We’re offended”) – “The fight must go on”


  • Unique talent Mage’s Prime
  • 1 orange talent Maverick Soul
  • 1 orange talent Craftiness

March 9 (only if completed “The fight must go on”) – “Well deserved rest”


  • 2 days of Golden Age
  • 30 prime crystals

For the holiday offers to activate, please restart the game.

Onwards, to victories!