Upcoming patch sneak-peek

05 March 2015

Dear nobles!

Soon we will release the next Patch for Prime World. In this announcement we would like to tell you about the changes that will take place in the game with that patch.

This time our attention was focused on the following important aspects of the game: castle management and the problematic of AFK / leavers – deserters who abandon their team in battle. Apart from that, hero rebalance, bug fixes, adjustments to some talent mechanics (e.g. Chance’s Edge will no longer activate off monsters), battle chat improvements and more wait you in the next patch.

Battle against desertion

In the next patch we will implement a system that is geared towards discouraging unsportsmanlike behavior and reducing its impact on other players. The system will track players who left a battle prematurely and refused to return to the fight. For leaving battles and refusing to return, a player will acquire a new status – deserter. Of course, there can be a number of reasons to leave a battle: sudden urgent matters, internet connection problems, power loss etc. Unfortunately, many players simulate such circumstances on purpose, trying to justify their actions by supposed external factors. Because of this, we will not make a distinction between different types of leaving battle. A single abandoned battle however will not make an honest player a deserter.

Deserters will be punished mercilessly. A deserter status will mean that:

  • Matchmaking will try and match deserters only with other deserters as teammates.
  • This will lead to increased battle search times.
  • Deserters will receive greatly reduced battle rewards.
  • Most game modes will be unavailable to such players. Only Borderlands (without its modifications), Training and Challenges will be available.

This system will be supported by a range of measures aimed at making the punishments for players who break the rules of the game more severe, especially in cases of unsportsmanlike behavior in Prime World.

Castle and production

The castle is an important part of the game and one of the sources of valuable resources. In the upcoming patch, we completely overhaul existing mechanics of production. One of the greatest changes will be the abolition of all production cycles – resource production will now happen automatically, as in the Population buildings. This does not mean that resources can only be gathered once a day. Each production building will have internal storage equal to its production output for 23 hours. You can empty the internal storage at almost any time. Of course, if the internal storage is full, production will stop until the resources are gathered.

Another important change will address the problem of fitting all the required buildings within the castle walls. Expanding the castle territory would not solve the building density problem, because then players would build even more of the same buildings and take up any amount of space. This is why we decided to simplify the castle composition so that everyone can construct all the necessary buildings and still have room left for decorations and arrangement. In the next patch, there will be only one building of each type in the castle. I.e. you will have one Population Building, one Library, one Prime Distiller / Pearl Farm etc.

The maximum level of the buildings will be increased. All the resources spent at upgrading “secondary” buildings will not be lost but will be accounted for in the upgrades of the remaining building. The income of the new building will scale accordingly.

Without change remain: Hero buildings, Talent Forge / Garden, Clan house, Treasury, Pet houses, and the Tavern / Teahouse.

This is far from an exhaustive list of changes that await you in the next patch. Stay tuned!

Sincerely yours,
Prime World Team