Warpainted heroes contest

03 March 2015

Dear nobles!

Spring is finally here! The first buds are showing, snow is melting away – yet on the battlefields of Praia heroes still relentlessly fight for dominance. For many heroes (one might say for all) warpaint is a very important aspect of preparation – a fierce-looking hero might force the enemy to surrender, while the stealthy characters do well to merge with the background and move unnoticed. It doesn’t have to be a prerogative of heroes though, Lords and Ladies can enjoy it too – for that, a new contest is declared in Prime World – “Warpainted Heroes”!

What do you need to do to participate?

  1. Choose any hero or a hero skin in Prime World and show it on yourself! Do your hair, apply make-up, – or go further and craft a headpiece like the Pied Piper’s hat or the Volcanos helmet.
  2. Make a portrait photo of the result (it has to be a close-up of the face and shoulders, not a full-body shot). The photo needs to include the Prime World logotype.
  3. Publish your photo on our forums or post it on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to add a description with the character that you are showing and your in-game name.
  4. Submissions are accepted from March 3rd until the end of March 15th. The winners will be announced by March 22nd.

Contest rules:

  1. Only players with names that do not violate the game rules will participate in the contest.
  2. You can submit several portraits, but only one of them may win.
  3. We will only consider portrait shots, torso and full-body shots will not participate.
  4. The Prime World logotype can be printed or hand-drawn, but not digitally added to the photo. The full name of the game needs to be included.

We would like to emphasize that this is a portrait contest, not a general costume contest.

The most interesting, beautiful and original portraits will be rewarded with the unique talent Warrior’s Prime, a month of Golden Age, 100 prime crystals, and 100 gold.


Warrior’s Prime

  • Rarity: unique (purple)
  • Tier: III
  • Prime cost: 675
  • Increases Strength by 9

Show us what you can do!