The day of the Defenders

24 February 2015

The 23rd of February is a special day in the Homeland of Prime World – it is the day of the Defender, when all men are celebrated. On this occasion we have gifts for all our valiant Defenders – regardless of sex or gender!

New flag and discounts

A new flag awaits you in-game on occasion of the day of the Defender (price: 1 gold)! Additionally, a number of other flags will be discounted for this week. Only until 09:00 UTC on February 27th, select flags will cost just 1 gold.

More experience in battle!

Until 09:00 UTC on February 27th,all heroes receive double experience for battles in Borderlands! What are you still doing here? Right, you probably want to read about the gifts as well…

Skin as a gift!

Quite traditionally, all players who log in to the game from February 23rd until 10:00 UTC on February 27th will receive a gift! This time, two skins will be given away: Commando and Maroon Beret for the hero Brawler / Meijin (the hero has to be hired to receive the skin). Those who already have one of the skins will still receive the other one.

Please note: in order for the changes to take effect the game needs to be restarted.