Special offers for Praias Guardians!

20 February 2015

1 crystal = 4 talents!

Dear nobles!

Brave defenders of our Lordship need support and development. Today, even the Talent Gardens and Forges fill with appreciation of our brave heroes. To help the heroes in the eternal struggle, only until 09:00 UTC on February 23rd for each crystal spent at theTalent Forge / Garden all of 4 talents will be produced!

Hero and skin sale

Until 09:00 UTC on February 23rd following heroes can be hired at a discount:

Pied Piper / Rat Master
54 gold
Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly
59 gold
Night Queen / Black Panther
59 gold
Fay / Fairy Queen
69 gold
Bard / Muse
99 gold
Faceless / Phantom
124 gold
84 gold
Soul Reaper / Soul Сatcher
159 gold
Woodsman / Witch Doctor
199 gold

Skin sale — each of the following can be yours for just 49 gold: Rockwoman, Okra, Ice Lord, Ma'am, Hook, Bowman, Striker, Fire Priestess, Nāga, Nāginī, Desperate, Thumbelina, Tommelise, Mystic Serpent, Ophidia, Sorceress, Yababa.

Please note! Game needs to be restarted in order for the changes to come into effect.

Good luck, onwards to victories!