Hero sale and unique offer in the Forge

06 February 2015

Sometimes even the most refined mechanisms show errors. Anything can happen then – for instance, only certain types of talents are produced. That’s what’s happening in Praia at the moment – green talents seem to have disappeared from forges and gardens. Heroes also lust to try out better gear in combat!

No greens!

Until 09:00 UTC on February 9th, only orange, purple and blue talents can be produced in the Talent Forge / Garden! Until our court magic mechanics fix the forges and the mystery gardeners weed out the gardens, we have 3 days without green talents!

More orange and purple talents!

The chance to produce purple and orange talents in the Talent Garden / Forge is doubled! Only until 10:00 UTC on February 13th.

Hero sale

Some heroes who heard about better gear being produced in castles are so eager to try it out that they’re willing to be hired at low prices.

699 999 silver / 249 gold

Defender  / Guardian
699 999 silver / 249 gold

Vryl / Nox
699 999 silver / 249 gold

Witch / Moira
599 999 silver / 249 gold

Vampire / Dahaka
499 999 silver / 249 gold

Doctrine / Demonologist
399 999 silver / 249 gold

Woodsman / Witch Doctor
299 999 silver / 119 gold


Clan Wars compensation

Dear nobles, as a compensation for the problems with the clan mechanics, we offer a 30% discount on popular items in the clan shop. The discount is valid until 09:00 UTC on February 9th.

Have a great weekend and good luck in your adventures in Praia!

Don’t forget to restart the game for the changes to come into effect.