Patch 10.1.2 has been installed

04 February 2015

Dear nobles!

The maintenance has been completed successfully, the servers are open - now we tell you, what changes take place in Praia with Patch 10.1.2.

In the new patch we prepared following changes for you:

New item – Potion of Vigilance

  • A new item has been added to the shops – Potion of Vigilance. This item allows the hero who activates it to reveal nearby invisible units for 15 s, in the same way as the True Sight Potion does.
  • Item cost - 100 Prime.

True Sight Potion

  • Item cost in the shop raised from 400 to 600 Prime.
  • Cooldown time before next use extended from 5 to 15 seconds.
  • The duration of the effect to reveal invisible units lowered from 5 to 3 minutes.


  • Health points have been lowered to 5 for the following items: «Magic Lantern», «Lantern», «Torch» from the «Hardened Traveler» talent, «Ghostly spectator» from the «Ghostly Embrace» talent, as well as the «Secret Light» talent.
  • Now every time an abovementioned item takes damage, it loses one health point. E.g. to destroy a Lantern, one needs to strike it 5 times. This brings their health mechanics in line with that of Flags.

Vryl / Nox

The hero has been changed due to it being practically impossible to evade the damage dealt by the combination of its abilities, along with the overall damage being too high.

Talent «Fissure»

    • The radius of knock-up area upon using the talent has been reduced by 37%.
    • The knock-up and damage delay after using the ability has been increased by 0.2 seconds.

Talent «Toxic Emission»:

    • Talent damage lowered by 10%

Frog Whisperer / Swamp King

The hero has seen some changes due to him not unfolding his full potential in the late game.

  • Hero attributes have been reworked, resulting in considerably higher Cunning and Agility increase with Might.

Talent «Catch!»:

    • Tongue reach has increased by 17%;
    • Target caught by the tongue is now pulled in faster.

Blade Master / Sesha

Blade Master / Sesha unfolded his full potential only in late game, so in order to balance the heroes development, following changes were made.

  • Base movement speed of the hero has increased from 50 to 52.
  • «Insidious Poison» talent was renamed to «Snake Venom», its improvement «Paralyzing Blows» to «Insidious Blows»:
    • «Snake Venom» now poisons the foe and – with 3 poison stacks – lowers their speed by 30%, while the upgrade «Insidious Blows» lowers their Cunning with each poison stack.
      Talent «Deadly Dash»:
    • Using the talent without dealing damage no longer breaks invisibility.

Talent «Snake’s Flexibility»:

    • Duration of control effect reduction from the «Battle Trance» upgrade is increased from 2 to 5 seconds.

Talent «Hypnotic Taunt»:

    • Talent range on native terrain increased by 9%, on neutral an enemy terrain – by 29%.

Night Queen / Black Panther

Talent «Unity»:

    • Bug fixed, which led to the panther always reviving with full health upon using the talent. Now it always revives with 25% health.