Patch 10.1.1 has been installed

23 January 2015

Dear nobles! The Maintenance has been finished succesfully and we'd like to tell you about what changed in Prime World with patch 10.1.1

In this patch we bring you:

  • Talent changes
  • New Golden Age mechanic
  • Hero availability with Lord level
  • Pre-match dodge penalty
  • Bugfixes in battle, clan wars etc.

  • Due to the increase in the average Might of heroes, common (yellow) talents have become obsolete, which is why we moved them to the special (green) rank. All their stats have increased according to the rarity increase.
  • The drop rate of green talents has increased by the amount that was until now allotted for the common (yellow) ones.
  • Due to increase in starting Might the lowest accessible Challenge is now Normal (blue). Its difficulty has been adjusted with respect to new players – who are unfamiliar with the game – entering it.
  • Yellow and Green Runes now allow unbinding of any talent, Blue Rune – up to unique (purple), Purple Rune – up to rare (blue), Orange Rune unbinds only special (green) talents.
  • To account for the changes in rewards for castle levels, all players who log into castle from 08:30 on January 23 until 08:30 UTC on January 24 will receive 3 days of Golden Age.

  • Due to the common (yellow) talents being moved to the special (green) rank, the Golden Age mechanics have been adjusted. Now, during Golden Age, the battle rewards contain only blue, purple and orange talents. Please note that – as before – Golden Age does not affect talent production in the Talent Forge / Garden in any way.

  • Players have now access to 5 heroes at the start, instead of formerly 2. Additionally, the specific heroes no longer depend on player’s gender: any new player now receives Highlander / Immortal, Jaeger / Wolf Dancer, Fire Fox / Flame Tail, Healer / Priestess, Lightning Master / Storm Thrower. These changes will also affect accounts created before the patch – if any of these heroes are missing, they will be added for free.
  • Additionally, the hiring castle level requirement has been lowered for 15 heroes. Their cost in silver has also decreased.For reaching castle level 15, 20 and 25 players will be rewarded with correspondingly 3, 5 and 7 days of Golden Age.

  • The maximum penalty for leaving an unfinished battle or cancelling the pre-match window is now 80 minutes, instead of formerly 6 hours.
  • The penalty for each consecutive leaving of an unfinished battle or cancelling the pre-match window will now increase two-fold, instead of formerly three-fold.


  • The fog-of-war lifting around the lairs of Kitton and Fire Drake has been improved.
  • Bug fixed, which led to the area where an enemy hero teleported being visible under fog-of-war.
  • Bug fixed, where players received reduced reward when going into battle with a completely full but not yet overfilled talent library. In the new version, if the talent amount equals library capacity and the players goes into battle with a non-fatigued hero, the reward will be given in full.
  • Bug fixed, where empty lines sometimes appeared in battle chat messages.
  • Bug fixed, which led to the talent “Deadly Knowledge” not adding to a hero’s might.

Clan wars

  • Bug fixed, where a server error message might have been received when an application for clan entry from the same player has been declined several times.
  • Bug fixed, where the suzerain rating was not always updated on the clan map.
  • Now, if name search was used in the “recommended clans” window, the previously entered name will not be saved when closing and reopening the window – instead, the full list will be displayed.
  • Bug fixed, where an overtaken vassal disappeared from the clan map only after castle restart.
  • Bug fixed, where some clans in the recommended list displayed multiple time after submitting applications.
  • Bug fixed, where the player name didn’t change in the clan application form if changed after submitting application.


  • With the end of the holidays the magic Christmas tree and the holiday quests disappeared from player castles. The borderlands map returned to its usual look.
  • Bug fixed, where an error (“game mode unavailable”) was displayed when trying to enter “First Strike” from castle.
  • A number of errors have been fixed, which sometimes led to the castle displaying a dimmed screen and losing interactivity until the client was restarted.
  • Bug fixed, which sometimes led to the castle crashing upon returning from battle.


  • Bug fixed, which allowed the talent “Ring of Needles” to affect Brawler / Meijin during “Black Tornado”.


  • Bug fixed, where when buying the skin “Soul Catcher” (Keepers default skin) from an Imperium castle, Soul Reapers voice-over was used.

Please note: the game-mode schedule has changed.