The Wild Hunt has begun!

23 January 2015

The heir of the mighty Lord has been called “birdie” since her childhood. First, she was “Sparrow”, then “Dove” or “Martin”. She loved heights, and climbed lightly along the battlements of the family castle, as if she had real wings. From early childhood, she trained in sword fighting, bow-and-arrow, and magic. She was preparing to take over the reins of the government from her father.

Misfortune came suddenly. The Clan became involved in a war that was doomed to be lost from the start, and soon was on the brink of total destruction. The Lord’s daughter was able to flee, for the price of many lives of her subjects. Tattered, aimlessly stumbling along, she was picked up by an experienced Wanderer. He decided to rear her in his art and teach her everything he knew. The girl eagerly absorbed the ancient knowledge. Barely a young woman, she became a worthy companion of the Wanderer. Moreover – Wanderer and Martin were just like brother and sister. The fame of the invincible duo spread far along both banks of the Ilva river. This lasted for several years.

The Second Cataclysm caught them during a raid on the lair of Wood Goblins. The Fog blocked out the sun, and monsters creeped out of their holes in even greater numbers. Barely able to fight off the advancing monsters, Wanderer and his companion tried to retreat along their trail, but that did not succeed. The Fog led the fighters in circles, not letting them out of its grasp.

“Run”, said the Wanderer and – without waiting for an answer – dashed back, against the advancing monster horde. That was the last time she saw her soul brother.

“If only I hadn’t been so weak, I could’ve defended myself without his sacrifice. Damned monsters will pay for this!” – with this thought Martin accepted the Prime. “I am Martin no more. Now, I am Gyrfalcon”.

Name: Gyrfalcon
Base hero: Wanderer
Faction: Imperium / Keepers
Features: New voiceover

Price: 99 Gold