Three talents for one prime crystal

21 January 2015

Lords and Ladies,

The frosty morning promised nothing unusual. The denizens hustled about with their daily chores, heroes were training in the yard while the morning garrison prepared for the daily patrol. The sight in the opened gates, however, proved the mood wrong. A tall fair-haired warrior stood before the garrison, her big sword resting on her shoulder. There were no doubts about her being a hero. She surveyed the castle for a prolonged moment, then said in a calm but firm voice: “I had a long journey. I have come to serve your Lord”. The warrior also swore that she knows the secret to getting even more value out of prime crystals that were grown during the recent anomaly.

After negotiations with the primologists, the warrior received Prime and went into the Lord’s chambers. No one knows for sure who she is or where she came from. One thing is clear: this news will soon spread far beyond the walls of the castle.

From January 21 until 09:00 UTC on January 23, every Lord and Lady will receive 3 Talents for each crystal spent in the Talent Garden / Forge.

Don’t forget to restart the game for the changes to take effect!