Old New Year in Prime World: Beasty and a heap of talents

13 January 2015

The Old New Year is in the night from 13 to 14 of January. It might be one of the most mysterious holidays – for it is simultaneously new and old. And that means that surprises and wonderful discoveries await us all! Don’t believe us? Read on!

More talents

From January 13 until 09:00 UTC on January 16 the Talent Forge mechanics and the gardeners in the Talent Garden are on double duty – something went wrong with the magical mechanisms and the chance to produce purple and orange talents has doubled! You should take advantage of this situation.

The Beasty is here

Praia knows plenty of brave heroines, Beasty however usually stands out. The fearless and cold-blooded fighter from the north is famous for the fact that she’s always ready for a fight – to storm at the enemy and tear them apart!

Log into the game from January 14 until 20:59 UTC on January 18 and you will receive the Beasty skin (for the hero Night Queen / Black Panther) for free! Don’t forget to feed her some fish, only then will she join you.

Take note that the hero has to be hired in your castle prior to completing the quest. You can hire the hero and then complete the quest.


On January 13 we will randomly distribute 500 Golden Runes among the players!

Read more about the Golden runes in the manual.

Please note! If you receive the Golden Rune while another rune is active, the previous rune will be replaced by the new one. Golden runes are valid for two days.

New quests

Now you have to put some effort in, for new quests await you in the castle.

Every day from January 13 until 20:59 UTC on January 17 log into the game and complete headhunter quests. Different rewards await you for each quest, such as: Golden Age, talents, White runes and many more! For completing all the quests you will receive the grand price – 3 talents from the new “Awakening” set!

To receive the final reward, you have to complete the quests every day, without missing one!

Onwards to victories!

Please note: the game has to be restarted for the changes to come into effect.