Magic and 3 days of Golden Age for all!

08 January 2015

On Christmas, anything can happen. Monsters become cuddly and fuzzy, heroes start baking Christmas cake, soldiers send out holiday cards. But today the miracles in Prime World are of another kind – read on to see!

Bonuses prolonged

Two bonuses have been extended:

  • Now all heroes receive double experience for battles in Borderlands until 9:00 UTC on January 12.
  • Until 9:00 UTC on January 12 receive five additional talents for the first win of the day in Borderlands.

Christmas market

From 9:00 UTC on January 7 until 20:59 UTC on January 9 you can visit a real winter market. Merchants from all over the world came to show their goods. The most precious among them – prime crystals, which many merchants offer for great prices.

3 days of Golden Age

From 9:00 UTC on January 7 until 20:59 UTC on January 8 all players who log into Prime World receive 3 days of Golden Age. Golden Age received for that offer will be added to any current Golden Age.
Don’t forget to restart the game for the changes to come into effect.

Wonders in Prime World!