More purple and orange talents and a hero sale!

05 January 2015

Dear Nobles!

I might seem that Christmas is over, New Year’s fireworks have fired, and the presents have been presented. But the time of magic is not yet over!

From January 5th until 9:00 UTC on January 7th the chance to produce purple and orange talents in the Talent Garden / Forge is doubled. Feasting time is over – time to cut us up some creeps!

Hero Sale

  Defender / Guardian
499 249
Vryl / Nox
499 249
Da'Ka / Ha'Ka
499 249
Witch / Moira
499 249
Vampire / Dahaka
499 249
Doctrine / Demonologist
499 249
Woodsman / Witch Doctor
399 199

Do not forget to restart the game so the changes come into effect!


Also, two other bonuses are still active in the game, please note:

  • Until 14:00 UTC on January 7th all heroes receive twice the experience for battles in the Borderlands.
  • Until 14:00 UTC on January 7th receive five additional talents for the first win of the day in Borderlands.

On to a new season of victories in Prime World!