Magic on New Year's Eve and a Munchkin contest

25 December 2014

Dear Nobles!

Magic happens… Yes, exactly! Even any science-geek from the Dokt Imperium will tell you, that on New Year's Eve magic is everywhere.

Munchkin contest for the hero Freeze

We declare a munchkin contest for the new hero Freeze! All you need to do is be the first in successfully completing one of the following tasks, and post a screenshot as proof on the game forums:

  • First 10 Freeze heroes to reach level 25 in castle will earn their lords a due reward: the gold or silver that has been spent on hiring them will be refunded!
  • First five players to reach the General rank with the hero Freeze will be refunded the heroes hiring cost and receive additional 100 Prime crystals!
  • The first player to reach the Marshall / Sensei rank with the new hero, will receive a very special gift from the Prime World team. From now on and forever, the player will receive every new hero for free on the day of their appearance in Prime World!

New Year's Skins

In this magical time everyone can meet wondrous creatures and characters.

Only until January 14th 14:00 UTC, 4 unique skins are available in the castle:

Frost Magician


Merry Scout


Each skin has its unique voiceover. The price for each skin is 29 gold.


  • Now is the time to get all the overdue things done: return the heroes from their errands and clear the castle's surroundings of monsters and robbers.
  • Until 11:00 UTC on December 26, a new quest is available for each Lord and Lady - "Christmas eve", which is rewarded with useful talents.
  • Until 14:00 UTC on December 26 the speed-up cost in the Tavern / Tea house is reduced by three and is now only 5 gold.

Until 15:00 UTC on December 29 complete the quest "Awakening of a legend": fight in 5 battles in the Borderlands with the new hero Freeze and receive three talents from the new set of exclusive (orange) talents "Awakening".


Snowball fight – one of the funnest winter activities, which is sure to raise your spirits and give you strength! Until 14:00 UTC on January 7th all heroes receive twice the experience for battles in Borderlands!

Hurry to receive your portion of winter magic!