Patch 10.1 announcement – new hero, fifth talent set and much more!

23 December 2014

Dear Nobles!

This week we are planning to install Patch 10.1, which will bring many different changes to Prime World. Today we’d like to share the most important ones with you.

As you have already guessed, a new hero has appeared in Praia! A little insight into what he is can be glanced from the first announcement "Frozen Siege". Very soon, you will learn the secrets and wonderful abilities of this mysterious warrior.

With the new patch, a fifth set of legendary talents will be added into the game, named “Awakening”. At the same time, the set “Dark Legacy” will not be appear in battle rewards any more. Thus, the chances to receive new orange talents will be higher, while the “Dark Legacy” set remains available in the Talent Garden / Forge! For that, it suffices to choose the according option when producing talents.

Another important aspect in the patch 10.1 are the changes in battle chat. We add the possibility to quickly send pre-formulated messages. This allows concise communication with teammates about what is happening on the map. Additionally, your teammates will see these messages in the language of their game client. Thanks to that, the language barrier won’t be a problem anymore!

As we promised, the new patch will contain a rebalance of the hero Fay / Fairy Queen. After the installation of patch 10.0.3 we analyzed player opinions and improved the Portal spell as well as the Teleport scroll, and made new changes in prime awarding for hero kills. Additionally, many errors were fixed – in hero mechanics as well as general game mechanics.

We want to thank everyone who made an active contribution by taking part in discussing Patch 10.0.3. thanks to you, Prime World becomes better!

Prime World team.