More purple and orange talents, as well as new quest “Mobilization 3.0”!

19 December 2014

Merry news for you, warriors of Praia!

Only until 09:00 UTC on December 22, two great events await you at once.

The chance to produce purple and orange talents in the castle (in the Talent Garden / Forge) is doubled. Now you have every opportunity to unfold your mastery.

Also, from 12:00 UTC on December 19 until 20:59 UTC on December 21, the quest “Mobilization 3.0” awaits you in the castle. Depending on castle level, players will have to achieve a number of victories in Borderlands. For the completion of the quest everyone will receive various rewards, which could include Golden Age, talents, or silver.

Additionally, the top 5 players with the most victories during that timeframe will be awarded 30 days of Golden Age!

To battle!