Patch 10.0.3

12 December 2014

New rules for Prime winnings

To diversify the different possible strategies for character development over the course of the battle, and to increase the chances of exciting and unexpected tactics, we have made a number of changes to gameplay. Previously, it was typically best to gather as much Prime as possible by hunting monsters in the forest, but now you can find victory in a number of different ways.

Prime for soldiers and forest monsters

  • When an enemy soldier dies nearby a hero, the part of Prime that hero previously earned for himself is now distributed among all active members of the team, regardless of their distance. Active heroes are those who remain signed into the game, and who were not fleeing the area when the soldier fell.
  • Heroes who defeat monsters now share the rewards with the whole team, just like with the destruction of soldiers.
  • The amount of Prime divided among the team has been increased in such a way that the familiar strategy "Three players on the lanes, one in the forest, and one making scrolls in the Workshop" should see virtually no change in Prime received per hero.
  • Because only part of the Prime is divided among the other active players, the characters winning the Prime for their team will receive slightly more.

Prime minigame "Scroll Workshop"

  • Since killing soldiers and monsters rewards all team members with Prime, the player in the workshop no longer receives a bonus for successfully creating a scroll. However, even without this bonus, the player in the workshop will progress faster, because their allies are earning Prime for them much more quickly, even if they’re earning gold medals for passing the levels.
  • It should also be noted that an additional Prime Crystal is earned whenever a level is successfully completed.
  • Since the second player on the line isn’t essential to gathering Prime for the team, there are two ways to play – assist allies through the mini-game, or keep close to the battle.

Prime for killing heroes

  • The reward for killing a hero now depends not on the hero’s level of development, but on the amount of Prime the hero has collected. This is because the level of the hero does not fully reflect the hero’s progress.
  • To reduce the gap between the teams, and to counteract excessive development of some characters, the amount of Prime awarded for defeating a higher-level hero has increased.
  • If any hero is killed too often, then for further deaths the hero’s enemies will earn much less than Prime than before.
  • Players are no longer awarded additional Prime for performing a "killing spree". This is because, under the new system, such a player already has a plentiful Prime reward for performing this action.


Previously, some players have been able to destroy forest Chud even before they engage soldiers, resulting in an unbalanced early game. Thus, a number of changes to Chud have resolved the problem of excessive monster leveling at the start of the game.

  • Now monsters in the woods appear about 33 seconds after the first soldiers appear – just enough time for the soldiers to move from the base to the middle line.
  • The revival time of silver reward symbols on the map has been reduced from 3 to 2 minutes, and the reward for their destruction has been reduced accordingly.
  • The basic characteristics of forest Chud no longer depend on the strengths of the characters on both teams. Instead, their level increases as the game advances. Thus, defeating Chud may be easy early on, but these monsters will become much stronger by the middle of the battle.
  • After a certain point in the battle, Chud level ceases to increase, so by the end of battle, you won’t be able to greatly increase your power by hunting monsters.

Teleports and Flags

Previously it was difficult to surprise a player on the line because of the large view area around the flag, even without the use of lights. In addition, allies could always come to him with a quick teleport. To address this we have made a number of changes:

  • Increased the time it takes to create a Portal from 4.5 to 7 seconds.
  • Reduced from the Portal cooldown time from 105 to 70 seconds, when it is canceled by the player.
  • The time to use a movement scroll was previously much less than the new Portal time, but now they are equal at 7 seconds.
  • Recovery time for the movement scroll is now the same as Portal; it has been lowered from 210 to 90 seconds.
  • Now when a player raises a flag only the nearby area is illuminated.


To increase the role of line protection, and to increase the tactical significance of destroying the enemy's arsenal, the following changes have been made:

  • Now the Destroyer and Flame Thrower deal twice as much damage to flags.
  • The attack power of Warriors who coming after the destruction of the enemy Arsenal has increased. – Now it is about 33% of the attack of the Destroyer and Flame Thrower.
  • Reduced the amount Prime earned for the destruction of Warriors.

Mini-game "Workshop Scrolls"

Because creating scrolls no longer earns bonus Prime, we made additional changes in the mini-game.

  • You can no longer go back to through levels. Immediately after the successful completion of a level, the player automatically switches to the next, assuming there’s enough Prime. And only a maximum level of 12 can be reached upon victory. This was changed because with the new rules one could gather a large amount of Prime and scrolls while remaining at low level.
  • Maximum game length has been lowered to 12 from 16 minutes.


Shadow/ Whisp

Because Prime earning has been significantly changed, the "Cover" talent no longer gives bonus Prime to targets under its influence.


Fixed a bug in the Hall of Fame tab, where characteristics wasn’t showing skill points.

Known Issues

In the Tavern / Tea house erroneous requirements are displayed. 

While we're working on resolving this issue, please use the following workaround: 

  • Add any hero and start the quest - in the quest requirement (0 of ###) the 0 will change to the relevant attribute of the hero.
  • Stop the quest (the silver cost is returned to you). Look up (in the overview of the hero) which attribute has the number previously shown in the running quest.
  • You can now choose a set of heroes with the sum of the relevant attribute from all heroes equal or higher than the quest requirement, and restart the quest.