Return of the Halflings!

11 December 2014

Ladies and Lords!

With the oncoming winter little nimble and playful, but at the same time amazingly strong and brave creatures can be seen coming out of the woods. And not just for fun, but to protect Praia's denizens from monsters and robbers! They are Halflings - as they've been named by the people. And now they've been sighted in Praia once more, despite the anomalous cold. The cleverest Lords might even convince them to enter their service!

Enter Halfling! Those of you who enjoy the works of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien will certainly find familiar features in this skin.

Only from December 11th until January 15th you have the chance to buy this unique skin for the hero Eraser / Assassin. The hiring cost of the hero is reduced to 29000 silver!

  • Skin name: Halfling.
  • Skin features: new animation, new voiceover.
  • Base hero: Eraser / Assassin.
  • Price: 99 gold.

Also, on December 12th we will randomly distribute 1000 Golden Runes!

Details on the Glden Runes can be found in the knowledge base.

Please note: Should you have an active Golden Rune at the time of assignment, it will be replaced. Golden Runes are only valid for 2 days after assignment.

Hurry to lure the halflings into your castle. Who knows, we might be seeing them for the last time!