Permanent price reduction for hero skins!

10 December 2014

Lords and Ladies!

So many heroes are hired by the Lords of Praia, offering similar talents and wearing similar clothes. Now it will become easier to stand out! Is it the anomalous weather that Praia’s denizens see from the Iron Sea to the Dawn Mountains? Or is it another gift of the Olden Gods, whose presence is sensed ever stronger with each passing day? Who knows!

Whatever the cause, Praia’s Heroes are grasped by a strange sensation on the brink of the new year – as if a new strength fills them! It seems Praia is changing – and her heroes change together with her.

From December 10th we permanently lower the price of all hero skins by up to 70%! Starting today, any skin will fall into one of three price categories: 99 / 69 / 29 gold!

Note: the game needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

To glorious battles!