Jungle and other changes in upcoming Patch 10.0.3

09 December 2014

Warriors of Praia!

Next week we plan to roll out Patch 10.0.3. This release will see the long-awaited change in the jungle mechanics, addressing the issue of there being only one viable strategy in higher ratings (so-called “laners  co-jungling”). Today we want to tell you about some of the key points in the new patch.

One of the most important changes in this patch is the change in how prime is awarded for killing monsters and soldiers. Prime for killing monsters will be divided into two parts, same as the prime for killing soldiers on the lane: prime for killing and additionally prime for monster/soldier death. This additional prime for monster/soldier death will be equally distributed between all team members. The amount of this additional prime is adjusted in such a way that the strategy “three laners, jungler and Zuma” should see virtually no difference in prime income for each hero.

New rules on awarding prime also concern the mini-game – scroll creation no longer generates prime, and the minigame levels can only be completed consecutively. Only the highest level (now level 12) can be repeated.

Apart from the changes in how prime is awarded, the monsters themselves will also see some changes. Jungle camps will appear later, monster stats will change, and some camps will respawn sooner.

That’s not all the changes that await you in the next patch. For example, we’ll change the Portal and the Teleport scroll, and make the soldiers that appear after enemy arsenal destruction stronger. We’ll also lower the sight radius of raised flags.

The details on all the changes in patch 10.0.3 will follow in the patch description, to come – as we mentioned – very soon!

Stay tuned for many more surprises!

Sincerely, Prime World team.