The price of unassigning talents is permanently reduced!

05 December 2014

Warriors of Praia!

The north wind chills Praia's air filled with a vague dark presence. It's impossible to pinpoint the source of this supernatural feeling, however one thing is clear - changes are coming that will be felt by all, Lords and Heroes alike.

Doubtlessly the Old Gods are behind this presence. The priests however merely shrug and remind us with a mysterious smile that it's not everyone's domain to know the great plans of the Old Gods. Whatever that might mean, Heroes feel a never before felt ease: learning new tricks and acquiring new talents will now take even less effort.

From December 5th we lower the cost of unassigning legendary and exclusive talents by up to 80%. Now a legendary (purple) talent can be unassigned for just 6 gold, and the holder of an exclusive (orange) talent can be changed for just 9 gold.

Apart from that, from December 5th 10:00 until December 8th 9:00 UTC every Hero will receive twice as much experience for battles in Borderlands.

In the future even more surprises await you. For now we can already say that the Old Gods will not let Praia's denizens down.

Please note: the game needs to be restarted for the changes to come into effect.