03 December 2014

Still the wounds of recent battles ache,
Cannon thunder rings in our ears,
Smell of gunpowder hangs heavy in the air,
Yet the foes are back at our frontier.


Our cartographers have discovered an old but well-preserved library while roaming the Prime-zone. It contains numerous manuscripts which helped heroes learn new abilities and talents.

A new quest awaits you in the castle - "Mobilization"!

Each warrior who earns 10 victories in Borderlands in the time from December 3 21:00 to December 6 20:59 UTC, will be rewarded with 3 White Runes that can be used to unassign talents.

Additionally, the top 5 players – who achieve the most victories in that timeframe – will receive the exclusive “Mobilization Hero” promo-code. A winner can activate the code to receive 300 gold themselves or – in the spirit of the holidays – gift it to someone else.

The “Mobilization Heroes” will be announced on December 8.

Mobilization is already underway! Close the ranks and onwards to battle!