Patch Notes Release 10.0.2

25 November 2014

Best Talents of the Day

Choosing the next set of talents for your favorite hero just got easier! There's no more need to scour the forums or your library — just click on the "Hall of Fame" tab, which you will find in your castle, right next to the portrait of each hero. There you can examine the talent set which was used by the player who scored the highest rating in the past 24 hours.

In order for your own talent set to appear in the Hall of Fame, your character must meet the following requirements:

  • Achieve the highest rating awarded to a hero among all players;
  • Win with that hero at least once over the last seven days;
  • Your hero must possess enough talents for development during a play session;
  • The hero's talent set cannot be composed of Common (yellow) and Special (green) talents.

Clan Wars

With the updated version, suzerains need more time to regain their vassals. Now, if an invader wins and you lose a vassal, you need to wait 24 hours before re-initiating combat for that vassal. In addition, when the defending clan loses a vassal, it is marked as a "former vassal" for three days.

About the "former vassal" status:

  • The "former vassal" status is removed after the specified time or when the previous suzerain recaptures the vassal.
  • If during the defense, the suzerain expels this vassal, it will still receive "former vassal" status.
  • The former suzerain may initiate capture of a Clan marked as a "Former vassal" at a reduced cost. If the recapture is unsuccessful, the invader cannot re-initiate this battle for three days.
  • Now a clan that is protecting a vassal may at the same time independently attack another clan.
  • There was a bug which, in some cases, duplicated the portraits of teammates on the friends panel. This bug is now fixed.
  • After reviewing player feedback, we concluded that the NPC-suzerain system didn't capture the basic idea of clan wars -- the struggle between the clans. So we decided to abandon it. Points spent on uprisings will be returned to the players.
  • The visual and technical elements of clan wars have enjoyed numerous improvements.

Heroes and Talents

  • Previously, a bug caused heroes who were tossed into the air to be damaged only when they landed. Now damage happens at the same time as the toss, as intended. The changes affected such abilities as "Fist of Fury" (Brawler / Meijin), "Shockwave" (Quarrier / Rumbler), and the Inventor's "Clockwork Bomb", among others.
  • Fixed a rounding-error bug which caused the "The Undying Spark" talent to regenerate energy incorrectly.