Patch Notes Release 10.0.1

05 November 2014

A new patch has been installed on servers.

Clan Wars

Clan Shop

  • Fixed: a bug where an item in the shop was displayed as available for purchase, even if there were not enough resources. Additionally, on attempt to buy it, it became unavailable and stayed unavailable for some time, even when enough resources have been gathered.
  • Fixed shop window position – now it is always centered.

Clan Wars Global Map

  • Fixed: a bug which caused the suzerain to not be shown on mouse-over of siege notification in maps of other clans, if there is an active rebellion against them.
  • Fixed: a bug which prevented switching to their suzerain’s map from the map of another clan.


  • New: if a vassal’s rating is higher than its suzerain’s for 48 hours, a rebellion is started automatically. This rule does not apply to the automatic suzerain assigned to a clan at its creation.
  • Fixed: a bug which in some cases caused the option “Accept” to be displayed instead of “Seize” on mouse-over of another clan.
  • Fixed: a bug which caused conflicting messages to be shown when sending a repeated petition for protection.
  • Pencil icon in the “Clan search” replaced with a more suitable one.
  • Minimum clan level necessary for changing the clan emblem is 5.
  • The price of changing the clan emblem is now 199 gold.
  • The game server has been optimized as well - now the rewards for the battle will appear sooner than before, although some latency might still be possible.


  • The pre-match window no longer displays the icon for the enemies
  • Fixed: a bug which allowed choosing both Ha’Ka and Da’Ka for the same team in the pre-match window.