Demoness and Lamia: New Skins for Witch and Moira Released

02 October 2014

Today we are glad to present you the new skins for our charismatic witches, which make them even more gorgeous and charming! And surely enough, their beauty is still as deadly as ever!


 “You demoness”, would say the old librarian woman in a good-natured grumble. She brought up the girl, whose father died many years ago in the course of a failed experiment.

The girl’s relentless curiosity and mischievous character indeed often lead to unexpected results. Suddenly a nasty neighbor got a plague of rats, a wicked old woman could not switch the light at night, and the kids found small mechanical playmates… The girl never stopped experimenting and inventing new things.

 “A demoness”, said the town dwellers, narrowing their eyes and trying to keep the girl’s unconventional flying vehicle in sight. For many, she became the symbol of the town—strange, extraordinary, and unpredictable—yet a symbol. And well, could the dwellers of other towns boast of having seen a rain with bright blue raindrops, or a smile without a cat? That’s how she obtained her nickname.

But one day she felt that she could do more than simple tricks and experiments. Prime itself summoned her to become a hero, as her life was too bright and unconventional among others. This is how this hooligan girl on her metal broom, accompanied by her beloved cat, ended up on a battlefield.

 “A demoness..!” every now and then one could hear her name screamed, yelled, or enthusiastically whispered in battle.


The night was cold and restless. The velvet of the sky seemed like pinned with stars. A girl with hair colored like the heart of fire silently sat on the bank of a lake, watching reflections break in the gently rippling water. Her lips were tight, her forehead frowning, fingers trembling nervously…

She was the most famous and prominent dancer, slender and quick, like the steel of her favorite blade. And many a name she had: Kiss of Fire, Daughter of the Gods, Sister of the Sun… Yet, the most passionate sounded now, in a whisper: “My Lamia…”

But the girl remained indifferent to these confessions and tender words. At dawn, she just disappeared from the castle, leaving the enamored inheritor with a lock of fire-colored hair.

Nigth and fire, these things were her real passion. And the beloved cat, a misterious animal that seemed to materialize from the darkness of night.

Angered and disappointed, the young man sent his best hunters and dogs in search for her. Yet no one could even pick up her trail. Only long time afterwards, she herself came to the temple of the Ancient Gods, already transformed by Prime and her passion to darkness and night.

 “Lamia”, that was how she responded when asked about her name. A cruel creature of darkness, she couldn’t find a better name.


  • Name: Demoness/Lamia
  • Original hero: Witch/Moira
  • Faction: Imperium/Keepers
  • Cost199 gold