New Patch. New Skin. New Sale!

18 September 2014

Patch 9.16.4 has been installed on servers. Also you can find a new skin for hero Vryl/Nox.

The original hero: Vryl / Nox;
Faction: The Imperium / The Keepers;
Cost: 199 gold.

But it's not all! Here is a heroes and skins sale!

You can buy the following heroes and their skins and save up to 60% till September 22, 2014, 08:00 GMT+0 (04:00 EDT):

  • Protector/Guardian 399 gold, Dark Angel 199 gold;
  • Mage/Sorccer 25 000 silver, Primologist/Djinn 99 gold, Fiery Priestess 199 gold;
  • Vampire/Dahaka 399 gold, Nosferatu/Eripmav 99 gold;
  • Witcher 74 gold, Ranger 29 gold;
  • Faceless/Phantom 149 gold, Anon/Avenger 99 gold, Spirit of Deat 29 gold.


This hero has been reworked because it was too difficult to hit targets with her Angelic Light talent and she was too vulnerable to surprise attacks.

  • Angelic Light talent:
    • The amount of Health restored by the talent has been increased by 20%.
    • The width of the beam of light has been increased by 25%. Changes have been made to make it easier to use the talent on moving targets.
    • Test of Faith upgrade: the effectiveness of the slowdown effect from the talent has been increased from 30% to 40%, and its duration has been increased from 2 sec. to 3 sec.


This hero has been substantially reworked because of his low level of effectiveness, especially when developed with an emphasis on Strength, as well as his vulnerability to surprise attacks.

  • Enchanted Tome talent:
    • Casting times for class talents are now reduced when the hero takes damage equal to more than 10% of his current Health rather than 15% as before. This change will make it possible to accumulate the maximum casting time reduction more quickly.
  • Fire Flail talent:
    • Total damage over time from the Conflagration upgrade has been increased by 20%.
  • Transformation talent:
    • The casting time for the talent has been reduced from 1.8 sec. to 1.4 sec.
  • Energy Barrier talent:
    • The talent's cooldown has been reduced from 20 sec. to 16 sec.
    • Damage from the Tremors upgrade has been increased by 50%.

Blade Master/Sesha

This hero depended too much on Will, which not only affected reductions to enemies' Cunning but also significantly increased the hero's survival capability. Our goal with these changes was too make the hero more balanced in terms of his Strength and Will.

  • Enchanted Blades talent:
    • The talent's Life Drain (as well as Life Drain from Native Terrain) now depends on the hero's Strength rather than his Will as before.
  • Deadly Dash talent:
    • Now if the hero falls victim to a control effect during battle, the control effect will be applied to the hero with a delay, but in full measure. It used to be that the time alloted to Deadly Dash was deducted from this time. The Deadly Dash talent has been adjusted in the same way as similar talents such as Da'Ka/Ha'Ka's Desperate Charge.
  • Insidious Poison talent:
    • The talent's effect now stacks three times rather than four as before.
    • The slowdown effect from the Paralyzing Blows upgrade now affects the target after three successful poisonings rather than four as before. It was very difficult for the hero to slow his target down, which influenced the success of his surprise attacks. This is why we had to reduce the number of hits required for this.
    • The additional damage and Cunning reduction caused by each hit from this talent have been increased, but the total damage and Cunning reduction for three hits is the same as what it used to be for four hits.


  • Descriptive Alchemy talent:
    • The number of ingredients obtained but not used by the hero is now saved after she dies, so the time it takes to make a clone is no longer affected by the hero's death.