Clan Wars are coming

29 August 2014

Hello friends!
Recently we have told you about changes, which will soon come to Prime World. First of all, we've released the reforging feature in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden (patch 9.16.1). Today we want to lift the veil and tell you about a new chapter in the history of Prime World — clan wars, which will soon start in the world of Praia.

What will happen?

Entering a clan or creating a new one is only the first step of conquering the world and getting glorious. What's next? How would you find your own place in this clan and in this world? How should you lead your friends to glory and victory? Now we'll tell you how.

We suggest you a new way of growing and developing your clan in the world of Praia. You won't be a lonely clan with nothing to do anymore. It's time to create new alliances with one Overlord at the top and many minions united. You will be able to go up in this system at any time: You can challenge your Overlord, and, if you win, you won't be his subordinate anymore, and he will follow you as your minion, if you want it.

The more strong subordinates (minions) you have, the bigger is your reward and influence in Praia.

How do I do it?

To enter clan wars, you only need to create a new clan or be a member of an existing clan in Prime World.

To successfully grow a clan in Prime World, you need to win many PvP sessions. Every victory of any Lord will bring his clan several points, and those points will be added to the clan storage. The number of points depends on your opponent's rating, opponent's team size and a number of clan members in your team.

Average score of a clan per day will determine its world rank. And yes, we will change clan rank calculations according to the new clan wars mechanics.

To get a minion or defeat your Overlord, you need to select a candidate for minion (or Overlord) in a special interface and challenge him. To start a challenge, you need to have clan points - if you don't have enough of them, you won't be able to start a challenge. A clan, which managed to get more points during the fight, wins.


Points won in PvP battles are very useful: You can spend them in a special store. Its assortment depends on your place in the world ranking. The higher your rank, the better are items in your store - better assortment and higher efficiency.

If your own rating is too low, you can access store which belongs to your Overlord, but you must pay a toll from your clan storage.

You are free to decide how to spend your points: Lords can buy personal items and bonuses (for example, unique talents and images, production bonus), clan items will help you develop new PvP tactics and win more battles (for example, you can buy bonuses which improve team stats or increase battle rewards).

You are free to decide!

A new era is coming. It will be an era of alliances, schemes, new opportunities and great battles. Very soon...

Yours sincerely,
Nival team