Dark Angel: Darkness is coming!

21 August 2014

They say there is an ancient temple somewhere deep in the Prime Zone. It's a temple of the forgotten gods. Nobody knows anything about it except for several legends and stories. But one day…

A group of researchers went to study a new anomaly, but they didn't know what will happen in just half an hour. They followed their usual road with well-known traps and beasts: calm and unalarming way… But you can't guess what the Prime Zone is going to do.

Suddenly, the research team saw a magnificent castle they had never met before. It was made of dark stone and black metal. The researchers couldn't help but enter this mysterious building. The temple was empty and desolate. And books found in its library were truly priceless!

But, you know, you can't get any knowledge for free. As soon as they took several tomes, they felt an ice-cold breath from the shaded corners of the library. Darkness blinded the room. People couldn't see anything, and felt someone's cold hands strangling their throats. It seemed that death was near. But, suddenly, they saw a blue light coming from above.

A strange painting on the ceiling turned into a cell with a strange creature inside. It was scary, but also beautiful. For one moment, the researchers saw an Angel with ash-colored wings… The vision ended faster than it had started. And, when people recovered consciousness, the temple was calm and quiet again. Again, this place seemed completely safe.

Dark wings. Light thoughts. Emissaries of the old gods.


Name: Dark Angel
The original hero: The Keeper / Mediatrix
Faction: The Imperium / The Keepers
Features: New voice!

Cost: 199 gold