Patch 9.16.2 installed

21 August 2014

A new patch has been installed on servers.



This hero was unable to function as a full-fledged Vanguard in large-scale battles because his Blood Ritual talent was never entirely effective against an enemy. We therefore decided to make the hero invulnerable immediately after using the talent, which makes him much more effective as a Vanguard in every stage of the game.

The Scarlet Rose talent has also been reworked. The animation has been shortened and the rose itself has been sped up, making the talent much easier to use.

  • Scarlet Rose
    • The talent's animation is now shorter. This makes the rose fly out of the hero's hand a little sooner.
    • The rose now flies 12% faster.
  • Blood Ritual
    • After the Final Drop upgrade, the hero now becomes invulnerable for six seconds as soon as he uses Blood Ritual rather than after the talent has been used. Blood Ritual can therefore only be stopped by abilities that interrupt talents. These include, for example, Jaeger/Wolf Dancer's Piercing Spear and the Frog Whisperer/Swamp King's "Get it!"


The Brawler/Meijin has been reworked because he was able to do too much damage late in the game. The extra damage from the Ire talent, which the hero used to be able to combine with Fist of Fury to inflict massive damage in a short period of time, has been reduced, as has the type of damage inflicted. The maximum damage from this talent late in the game has thus been reduced. The amount of Health restored by the Unstoppable talent has also been slightly adjusted.

  • Ire
    • The damage dealt by the hero when using this talent has been reduced from 100% to 50%.
    • The ability is now activated after two successful attacks or class talents rather than four as before.
    • The type of damage dealt by the talent has been changed from magical to pure; late in the game, when the Brawler/Meijin's Penetration is significantly greater than the defenses of an average opponent, the damage dealt by the talent is thus reduced because it is not increased by the hero's Penetration.
  • Unstoppable
    • The amount of Health restored by the hero when dealing damage with class talents is reduced by 20%.