Patch 9.16.1 installed

12 August 2014

Talent Forge / Talent Garden

Nobles! We promised you great updates and we keep our word! The Talent Forge / Talent Garden was fundamentally changed and is far more interesting now! We see that you like our event which doubles your talent points, and we've decided to extend it... forever. Now and always, you will get two talents for each Prime Crystal. Also, starting from today, you will be able to change talents in your Library using the Talent Forge / Talent Garden. It will be a lot easier for you to get the talents you need and free your Library from talents you don't use by reforging them into something useful.

Talent creation

Key points of talent creation in this version:

  • Player gains 2 talents of random quality for each Prime Crystal;
  • Now you can get any talent in your Talent Forge / Talent Garden - good (green) talents or exclusive (orange) talents — at any level;
  • A building doesn't have levels anymore. Don't worry: If you have spent any resources to upgrade it, you will get them back;
  • During your talent creation you can select any exclusive set, which contains talents that interest you. After that, if you get an exclusive talent, it will be from this set;
  • Silver is not a mandatory resource for talent creation anymore.

Reforging talents

From this version on, you can reforge talents. In the Talent Forge / Talent Garden, you will be able not only to create new talents from Crystals, but also to remake those you already have in your Library into new ones of the same quality. We hope that this new function will help you collect an ideal set of talents for your favorite hero.


  • Reforge a rare (blue) talent — 1 Crystal;
  • Reforge a unique (violet) talent — 4 Crystals;
  • Reforge an exclusive (orange) talent — 10 Crystals.

While reforging an exclusive (orange) talent, you can select a set, from which you want to get a new talent.

Reforge and upgrade

This new function allows you to reforge and upgrade your talents at the same time. For example, you can reforge a unique (violet) talent into an exclusive (orange) one, and select a set, from which you will gain it.


  • Reforge a rare (blue) talent into a unique (violet) one — 6 Crystals;
  • Reforge a unique (violet) talent into an exclusive (orange) one — 12 Crystals.

While reforging a unique (violet) talent into an exclusive (orange) talent, you can select a set, from which you want to get a new talent.

Exclusive talents for everyone

  • Now your hero can get an exclusive (orange) talent starting from level 15 (he doesn't need to be level 21 anymore).

New rules of getting an exclusive (orange) talent in battle

There are many exclusive talents in Prime World. And that's why we've decided to make it easier for you to get them in battle. Now there are two conditions, which you have to meet to gain such a talent after your game session:

  • Hero rate is 1500 or higher (formerly 1600);
  • Hero's level is at least 15 (formerly 21).

Attention! A pre-match window is still available only to heroes with rate 1600 or higher.

Changed rewards

It would be pretty strange to make such important changes in talent acquisition from Castle and not to make them in battle. Only heroes with Major rank or higher will see a difference. Heroes below Major (1799 rank points or lower) will get as many talents in battle as before.

  • Major and Lieutenant Colonel (1800-1999 rank points) will receive 1 talent less after battle.
  • Colonel, General, Field Marshal and Sensei (2000 rank points or higher) receive 2-4 talents less after each battle..

Game replays

We've improved match replay functionality. Now while replaying you can speed up a replay, slow it down or even pause it. Use the following hotkeys:

  • «+» — Speed up the replay. You can speed it up x2 or x4.
  • «-» — Slow down the replay. You can slow it down x0.25 or x0.5.
  • «P» — Pause the replay.
  • «Backspace» — Start watching the replay at normal speed.


Defender / Guardian

  • «Keeper of Life» talent:
    • We fixed a bug which made it impossible for a hero to use his class talents, when he hadn't enough Energy in the ghost form. Now, a hero under the «Keeper of Life» won't spend any Energy for talent activation.