Crash! Boom! Win!

24 July 2014

Prime changes everything. Even when it seems that you have already seen it all, it can still surprise you.

Some time ago Prime Zone borders started to report on strange new creatures, significantly bigger than the rest of the Touched, more intelligent and by far more agressive. Several villages at both sides of the Prime Zone were already wasted during their attacks. New threat was hanging over people. And only heroes could eliminate it.

When heroes were protecting the other village, they managed to capture one of those Prime-born creatures. And what was their surprise when the beast, able to speak human language, huddled itself up in a corner and refused to go out. Later the heroes found out that a monkey tribe, calling itself Whoop, was living in the Prime Zone for a long time and never asked for a war. But their new leader, a hurting unit, was bloodthirsty. Not any peace-loving Whoop could stop him, because it would be against the tribe laws, the laws of nature.

The decision was obvious: It was necessary to save the Whoop tribe from its leader. A troop of heroes moved towards the Prime Zone to overcome the monkey king. Five days and five nights, there were no news of them. And then, on the sixth day, a Lord saw from his castle tower that the huge Whoop tribe is peacefully entering his Castle, led by Claw, a new tribe leader.

In such a way the Whoop tribe, born from Prime, went into the Lord's army.

The original hero: Fang / Claw
Faction: The Imperium / The Keepers
Features: New voice!
Cost: 199 gold