Prime Activation and Talent Set Week!

24 July 2014

Hello friends! Last weeks we were organizing "Prime Activation" and "Talent set week" which had brought many your opinions and comments. They helped us understand several things, and that's why we extend those events.

You will still get twice more talents for each Prime Crystal you put in your Talent Forge or Talent Garden. It has never been this easy to collect as many precious talents.

At the same time, from 4:30 a.m.(8:30 GMT+0) EDT July 24th to 4:00 a.m.(8:00 GMT+0) EDT August 1st you will have a chance to get unique talents in your Castle. We mean the talents from the "Earth Hallows" set, including the new ones added in todays update.

Also we would like to announce that we are actively improving the Talent Forge and Talent Garden, trying to make it even better. Next news will lift the veil on its new behaviour.

We wish you good fights and great victories. Let the Prime be with you!