Angels came back to Praia!

24 July 2014

Many things changed during the Cataclysm. Prime came along with it and reshaped everything — the earth, the air and the life itself. Old perils gave place to new inhabitants of the forest, the Touched. Simple warriors gave place to the heroes. One would think that after the Cataclysm, the old world has disappeared. Almost completely.

Once people pleading for help were saved by true angels — the servants and emissaries of the old gods. Their memory was living in statues, which had decorated museums and temples before, and now they were scattered across the continent. Time ticked by, and the statues were falling into pieces underneath the crushing time. But, strangely enough, neither Prime streams nor stormy winds couldn't destroy or even slightly harm the beauty of two statues on the borders of the Prime Zone. They were standing there, as if they were guarding the townsfolk of nearby villages.

There were many legends of those statues, their history and whereabouts. But only one thing was known for sure: No one could remember anything before the Cataclysm that would resemble two magnificent winged maidens, frozen just a moment before their ascent to the Heavens.

In the quiet hour before sunrise a thick, dense golden fog, not anything similar to Prime fumes, wrapped both statues on both sides of the Prime Zone. Bright flashing light, as if it was born from the fog, illuminated everything around. And two winged maidens, very much alive, appeared in place of two sculptures.

They flushed their wings and rushed towards the clouds they couldn't reach for so long.

Angels came back to Praia!

Hero Role: Support.
Required Castle Level: 38.
Cost to Hire: 999,000 Silver / Gold (no restrictions on level).