Version 9.16

14 July 2014

We understand that everyone is looking forward to the new great update. Version 9.16 will have several major changes, which we would like to reveal a little bit in advance.

First of all, we have great news for all the players — a new hero will be available in the upcoming update —  Defender for the Imperium and Guardian for the Keepers. These graceful winged maidens are always ready to help allies and even to sacrifice themselves for the sake of victory.

Many of us have heard about coming of heaven power bearers to the world of Praia — now you can almost see the light and feel the gust of wind from the flapping wings.

We also have good news for those who love to fight on the opponent’s side of the field — especially for you, friends, we are releasing exclusive new talents that will be included to the set “Native Terrain”, but the unique passive abilities will be opened on opponent’s or neutral side. As a result, the name of set was also changed to “Earth Hallows”.

The news that will please many! Here comes the rebalance of Highlander/Immortal as well as Archer/Amazon. Besides that, a list of various bugs of different heroes will be fixed.

To simplify and to make matchmaking more effective at low ranks, additional title will be added — “Common soldier”.

Keep your eye on the news! The update is just around the corner!