Fire and Loath in the Prime Zone

04 July 2014

Lords and Ladies!
As we all know, there is no bad weather, and the summer comes with the beginning of June. That is how it usually happens, but this year it is difficult to draw association between the cold and rainy month and long-awaited warm season. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that you won’t need to wait too much, and all that is due to hot summer messengers. Meet the Flamefox and Fire Maestro, better known as summer heralds.

Fire Maestro

Flames raging in the bowels of the smelter have always fascinated the boy, who was the son of a blacksmith. From early morning until deep night he could sit in a forge, watching the fire erupting, heating iron, making it soft and pliable, metal saturating with color and interior radiance. The father could not rejoice over his son’s success. “Your boy has a rare gift” – confirmed all relatives, friends and even customers, which was not a surprise – metal was as though melting when the boy touched it, gaining unprecedented hardening.

If you hear such words, it is difficult not to fall for arrogance. When he received an invitation from the Imperial Chancellery, the young blacksmith did not hesitate even for a second and hit the road. Craving for fame and recognition obscured boys’ mind, he didn’t suspect any dirty trick even when he was met by a troop of horsemen in black cloaks instead of the Empire first blacksmith.

Renounced, who once was a great scientist and inventor, lost his mind because of constant dealing with the prime – and decided to kidnap the blacksmith in order to use his creations in experiments. For a long time the boy was trapped in the basement of the tower until he found out a way to escape – but this only way was through the Prime Zone.

In his native places he appeared only two years later. No one could recognize bright young blacksmith in this harsh man. Which is not surprising: the prime aroused his latent powers and from the Prime Zone walked out Master of Fire.

The original hero:Fire Fox
Faction: The Imperium
Features: New voice!

Price: 299 gold


A talented artist, a vagabond, a friend а the forest – that are not the only names he had. In his native town Flamefox was famous as unsurpassed soul healer. He was turned to for help and advice, many travelers left him with appreciation and gratitude – and talks about his extraordinary, miraculous powers went far beyond his native town. But not everyone felt sympathy for Flamefox – which is not a surprise, strong power causes not only respect but also envy. Former friends, who were jealous of the Flamefox gift, spread nasty rumors about his work and about the ways he makes his ointments, how he tames the most aggressive and wilful animals, how he comforts those who have lost themselves in grief.

Envy, fear, hatred kindled instantly. And here comes raging crowd throwing burning and explosive potions to his house.

People expected that the flame will make all dirty work for them – but it was much worse. Because of unbearable heat in the cabinet, the bottles with experimental patterns with prime exploded – and then…

Standing in front of the crowd, he realized that he does not have pity anymore - henceforth, he will not feel sorry for those who will stand on his way. Only those with strong spirit deserve the life.

The original hero: Flame Tail
Faction: The Keepers
Features: New voice!

Price: 299 gold