New rules for getting orange talents in Castle

27 June 2014


Changes are always sudden in Praia. The main reason for this is in Prime and it's unstable nature, who shapes the society and processes running inside of it. Scientists and mages are reporting that prime vibrations are no longer volatile and from now on some weird pattern can be seen in them. The first consequence results unique talents that gained in Castle.

Starting from June, 27th unique talents that can be gained in Castle are no longer randomly defined. They will be related to a single orange set instead. Set type will be changed on weekly basis. Drop rate will be the same. As for battle rewards, nobles will gain talents belonging to all unique sets.

From 4:30 a.m.(8:30 GMT+0) EDT June 27th to 4:00 a.m.(8:00 GMT+0) EDT July 4th players will be able to gain talents related to Native Terrain set only. This will affect gains from castle. In order to know what set will be available next, please make sure to check news.