Patch 9.15.2 installed

26 June 2014

Ladies and lords!

Patch 9.15.2 has been installed.



  • A series of bugs that caused an internal server error message to occasionally appear when a player filed a complaint against another player from the pre-match screen has been fixed.
  • Now if a player has a rune it will continue to be active during maintenance.
  • In the latest version skins purchased for all heroes will always, without exception, be replaced with their counterparts in the new faction when changing factions.
  • A bug that sometimes caused talents taken from the clan’s bank to be displayed incorrectly when assigned to their new owner has been fixed.



  • Secret of Immortality Set:
    • A bug that was preventing the Healer/Priestess's Triumph of Life talent from healing targets that were previously resurrected with the help of the Secret of Immortality set while it was cooling down has been fixed.
  • Wandering Spirit:
    • A bug that caused the hero's speed to remain increased regardless of terrain type after dying on enemy or neutral terrain has been fixed.




Since Shadow/Whisp could easily become invisible themselves and were able to hide allies early in the game, Shadow/Whisp’s help was too effective during surprise attacks against enemies. This also made things significantly harder for enemy heroes in the forest.

  • Shadow Cover:
    • This talent no longer activates automatically when the hero's Health drops below a certain point.
    • It now takes twice as long (14 sec.) for the hero to automatically become invisible if she deals no damage;
    • The hero receives 30% more Prime if an enemy dies next to her while she is under cover.
  • Magic Fan:
    • Once the hero learns the Sweeping Fan upgrade, the talent deals damage first, then knocks the target back.
  • Shadow Protection:
    • This talent has been moved: the hero now has to reach stage II before being able to learn it;
    • The Gift of the Veil upgrade has been removed. Its ability to produce additional Prime is now part of the basic talent Shadow Protection;
  • Invisible Help:
    • The stage requirement for the talent and the Limitless upgrade has been reduced: they can now be learned at stages I and II respectively instead of II and III as before;
  • Dance of the Fans:
    • The number of fans thrown has been reduced from six to four;
    • A new upgrade has been added, Twilight of the Fans, which adds three more fans. The total number of fans after the upgrade is now one more than before;


Soul Reaper/Soul Catcher

Since this hero was rather difficult to control and was less powerful when increasing Strength rather than Intellect, the Soul Reaper/Soul Catcher has been reworked.

  • The hero's base Speed has been increased from 50 to 52;
  • Ghost Whip:
    • This talent now lasts longer: 8 seconds rather than 7 as before.
    • The amount of damage and healing from the talent have been increased by about 13%;
    • The talent's target now has to move about 21% further away before the whip snaps;
    • The Transfusion upgrade now provides an approximately 80% greater bonus to Health restoration from the whip than before.
    • The talent's cooldown has been increased from 3 seconds to 5.
  • Reaping:
    • The damage dealt by the talent has been increased by about 20%.
    • The talent's cooldown has been increased from 5 seconds to 6.
  • Shield of Ghosts:
    • This talent is now based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, rather than just Intellect as before.
  • The Speed of the hero's ghosts is now the same as that of the hero and cannot become less than his base Speed.
  • The hero's ghosts now increase not just their Strength and Intellect, but also Stamina and Will. This bonus is now also based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, rather than just Intellect as before.

First Strike

  • New tips have been added to First Strike, and a number of minor errors have been fixed in the ones that were already there.
  • A bug that caused the quest to destroy the tower to be counted as complete for the player even if the tower was destroyed not by the player, but by allied bot heroes, has been fixed.
  • A bug that very rarely caused First Strike to crash if the player destroyed the enemy's main building at the exact moment a certain hint was displayed has been fixed.
  • A bug that was preventing allied bot heroes on the First Strike map from destroying the enemy Armory has been fixed.