Brutal fury and ironic power

20 June 2014



When you meet Mam, first of all you may notice her glance full of irony that glitters under the barret's visor...

This appeal woman was raised by her foster father, an ex-instructor of Imperial Military Academy, who has taught her everything she knows now. This man has been killed by unknown gang. Being a teen, she has found his murderers and avenged his death. Since that time she sells her time as a mercenary, well known for her gloomy humor and cold-blooded rage on the battlefield. Don't mess with this cute girl and pay respect to this woman. Call her Mam or you may find yourself in deep trouble, if you know what we mean.

Name: Mam
The original hero: Brawler
Fraction: The Imperium
Features: New voice!

Price: 299 gold



The Hook's tribe can be described as a society of brave men no matter the sex of a tribal. Every woman and man could stand alone in the fight against a small army and defeat it.

She was raised as other children in the tribe. Her kin taught her to live the way of a warrior. So she learned to use weapons and martial arts and how to find healing herbs. Once during the wandering in the Prime Zone, her clan has met the Three-headed Dragon. Hook has used her advantage of agility and managed to reach the monster's heads and wipe him out before she lost her consciousness because of stress, heat and smoke. When she awoke, she found all of her tribe dead. However the power of Prime in her blood after the dragon's death has made her even stronger and harsher. Soon everyone will feel this on their own hide.

Name: Hook
The original hero: Meijin
Fraction: The Keepers
Features: New voice!

Price: 299 gold